Calm, Cool and Collected

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I have a habit of starting a post by commenting about the weather.   Am I the only one who just noticed that?  Gee, how boring can I be?   Waiting in line to buy stamps at the post office is more interesting than writing about the weather.  I'm cutting myself some slack though because this is New England, gosh darn-it, and weather is something we're known for here so why not talk about it occasionally or at least every two months?

One day it's twenty-five degrees but "feels like two degrees" (according to  at 7:30 am and you're cursing the unrelenting wind as you try not to slip on icy sidewalks while hustling to the subway on your way to work in your sleeping-bag length hooded down coat that you've been wearing everyday for what seems like six months and a few days later (or so it seems), you're struggling to lift the air conditioner into the window, trying to remember where you stored your bathing suit (sunscreen/shorts/sandals/sunglasses) and that hair that you just spent twenty minutes blow drying reasonably straight and then flat-ironing for fifteen minutes more and then touching up again with the blow dryer for another five minutes in a never ending battle against humidity is a cloud of fuzz the minute you step outside.

But as I said to someone in the elevator at work this morning, I'm not complaining.  I love the change of seasons.


  1. I know what you mean! Imagine waiting all year for a particular flower to bloom and then it's all over in a day or so due to the more frequent downpours these days. Such a lovely bedroom! xo

  2. East coast weather is insane. My mom is in eastern canada. Horrible long snowy cold winters snd then finally I late may the trees bloom and the next day it's so horribly hot and humid and remains so for 3 months until it starts snowing. You should move to Calgary! We have the most amazing summers - no humidity and not too hot. We have cold winters but sunny blue skies a lot. And often we get winds from the mountains that melt all the snow and give balmy winter days. Love summer here. But dry and cold means poor gardening seasons. We are getting tons of rain this week and it's so green. Just hope it clears in time for our wedding Saturday!
    Sorry about your weather. My mom complains non stop about theirs. Too hot. Too cold. Rarely just right!!



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