The Perfect Gift

If you like bright colors, patterns and ceramics then you may already know of Jill Rosenwald.  My friend Joanne introduced me to Rosenwald's ceramics many years ago during an open studios day. 

Rosenwald's business has grown since then and she has licensed her designs for dinnerware, rugs, pillows and more.  Her ceramics have been featured in House Beautiful, Elle Decor, and Lonny, among other magazines. 

 The classic Hampton Links trellis is my favorite pattern in the line and it's available in a variety of vases and a kitchen utensil holder.

The bright colors are beautiful, but I'm partial to the neutral taupe color.

Rosenwald also offers monograms combined with the Hampton Links pattern.  The trays are a stylish and useful--perfect for a wedding or house warming gift.   

This stunning piece is the Newport Gate Coper Bowl in classic navy blue.  The tray above is navy blue, taupe and white. 

Rosenwald also has an Etsy shop with pieces in even more patterns and colors.  You can also buy pieces through Rosenwald's website (see first link, above) and her studio will make custom-color pieces for an additional charge.

Royal Wedding Morning

Somehow, the media fervor over the wedding of Wills and Kate escaped me until earlier this week. Suddenly finding myself without the customary treats to celebrate the British Royal nuptials, I express ordered a tin of Harney & Sons Royal Wedding Tea.  With no time to bake proper scones, I plan to set the alarm for 4:00 am (well, maybe 5:00 am), heat up some cinnamon rolls and ooh and aah over the pageantry with a cup of tea while waiting for my plumber to arrive. Yes, that's right. Plumber, not prince.  Hopefully, the plumber won't arrive at the same time that Kate arrives at Westminster Abbey. Perish the thought!

French Inspired Living Room

This room reminds me of spring, with its pastel colored flowers and the apricot upholstery on the french chair.  Unfortunately, I do not know the name of the designer, the photographer or the publication in which the photo originally appeared.  If you have this information, please leave a comment and I'll update the post. 

UPDATE:  Thanks to Denise who advised that this room was designed by Frank Babb Randolph. I could not find a website for Mr. Randolph, so no link here. 

Try A Trend

Is the giant clam shell trend on the way out?  I haven't bought one, mainly because they're everywhere these days and those I've seen are ridiculously expensive.  Here's an inexpensive resin shell for $39 that looks like the real thing and it's large enough to make a statement. It's a good way to try the look without spending a lot of money.

This and That

 I am just back from visiting my parents in Naples, Florida and what a treat it was to spend time with them while enjoying the hot sun, swimming at the beach and sleeping in until 8:00 every morning.

But, back to work.  Here are a few things that caught my eye this week.

Roses and boxwood, of course

A pretty blue and white cotton rug in "Ocean" from Dash and Albert

A jumble of silver flatware

Fresh berries over vanilla ice cream in a silver bowl

I hope you're having a great start to the week!

Small Garden Inspiration

Source: Growth-Earth

Spring seems to have sprung (fingers crossed), so I'm turning my attention outdoors.  Although my space is small, I plan to grow cherry tomatoes and herbs in containers this year.  The terrace is paved so a full-blown flower garden is impossible, but wouldn't this garden look terrific in a small yard?

It seems easy to maintain and includes only three plants:  boxwood, lavender-blue cat mint and white roses.  I'm wondering if it would work with containers, using small container roses.  The center boxwood is obviously in a container and I already have an old French steel wash tub for the center. Cat mint and boxwood are easily grown in containers.

If you're a gardening enthusiast, I'd appreciate your advice and suggestions about this idea.   Thanks!

The One That Got Away

Photo:  Skinner, Inc.

Well, it didn't exactly get away because I never entered a bid, although I should have. The price was reasonable and I could have worn it in any season.  It would look great during summer with a crisp white or coral shirt (although I can't find a coral colored shirt anywhere), a black cotton shirt dress or in winter, a black sweater. 

Next time, I'll bid.