Downton Abbey and Career Change

Warning:  If you have not seen the Season 3 finale of Downton Abbey yet, please skip the first two paragraphs (although I've not gotten too specific about the outcome).

That was quite the season finale of Downton Abbey last week, wasn't it? Another character is off the show after a tragic demise, preceded yet again by moments of joy.  It's just a television show, but I was starting to feel manipulated. How much can one family (or viewer) take?

But an article in The New York Times explained it all.  The characters were written off the show because the actors found new roles and wanted to move on.  It had all come down to a career change.  I'll admit that I felt better after reading this.

I often dream of my own career change. One that takes me out of a large corporation and into my own business--my own home store where I can buy, sell, arrange, and rearrange to my heart's content.  I'd stock the store with lavender scented candles, hand blown glass hurricane lamps, white china, flowers, natural linens, furniture and more.  The floor would be carpeted with sisal, the walls painted crisp white.  Carefully chosen antique framed prints would hang on the walls and a selection of children's hand-knit sweaters would be neatly folded on white tables. Maybe I'd include a few leather goods too.

Unfortunately, there is no budget for a store and I'm not able to leave my job anytime soon (and believe me, I am grateful to have a good job with steady income). Sometimes an online store as a side business seems like a possibility and I plan to take a class on the subject this spring.  Just for fun.

It may never happen, but it feels good to think about the possibility, to write about it, to put the idea on paper.  This is why I'm admire Ina Garten and other entrepreneurs who followed their hearts.  They were not content with the status quo, to settle for work that was not fulfilling.  They found a way to pursue their passion and be successful.  It's hard to imagine how satisfying that must be. 

Have you made a major career change?  Tossed it all to start over and do what you love? Perhaps you turned your hobby into a career or built it into a business. If so, I would appreciate reading about your experiences and your decisions in the comments section.  Thank you in advance......

An Unusual Pairing

Photo from Pinterest, credited to, however, no website found.

Delicate pink peonies in a rustic black bowl are an unusual, but beautiful pairing.

The week is nearly over (mine has been more challenging than I would have liked), the temperatures are mild, tomorrow is a special day, and it's a long weekend ahead.  What could be better?

Happy Weekend

Country In The City

Interior Design by Tricia Foley.  Photo source here.
There is a guest room in my house with two twin beds like these that could use some help.  The room doesn't get much use (it seems silly to refer to it as a guest room), but I do feel bad that it's not outfitted to its full potential.  This bedroom in Tricia Foley's country home looks so comfortable.  I'm already playing with gray paint and looking for striped sheets.  My home is in the city, but it's a modest house built in 1865 that from the inside looks more country than city. When I did some research, I learned that the house was originally home to a machinist (you've probably already guessed that I don't live in Beacon Hill).  I'm trying to embrace its humble roots, but sometimes long for a slick city space.

Everybody is going gray these days, it seems.  Is it here to stay or a passing fad? Note that the paint color in this room is Cape May Cobblestone by Benjamin Moore.

For more from Tricia Foley, visit one of her blogs linked below (The New General Store is Tricia's online store) .  Reading her blogs is a peaceful visit to the country.