Nancy Fishelson's Former Home

There's been an interruption in my series of summer cottage rooms.  During my usual Wednesday night web surfing, I found photos of designer Nancy Fishelson's former Connecticut home, which appears to have recently sold.  The cozy but spare interiors of Fishelson's homes have always appealed to me and I thought you might like to see the house as well.  Many of these rooms will be familiar to users of Pinterest and avid decor blog readers.  All photos are from Sotheby's Realty.

 I'm not going to post much commentary.  Much better to let the interiors do the talking.  I will say that the guest bathroom (see below) is surprisingly one of my favorite rooms.  

Pretty neat guest bathroom, isn't it?

For an even better view of the home, visit Sotheby's here for a panoramic video tour.  I promise that it's worth trip.
All photos via Sotheby's Realty

Summer Cottage No. 2

Knight Carr & Co.
My intention with this series of cottage interiors was to post everyday this week and here it is mid-week already.  I believe this photo was worth the wait.  Clearly I'm over my Darryl Carter phase with this pretty, almost English style interior.  Summer has that effect on me.  I want everything light, bright, cheery, and white in the warmest months, although this room would suit me at any time of year.

A Week of Summer Cottages

Austin Disston Patterson Architects
If you haven't noticed, my favorite interior designs range from a sleek, minimalist city apartment to a cozy country cottage.  Since summer is the perfect time for a cottage rental, I'm highlighting images of my favorite cottage style interiors this week.  I imagine a week of vacation in a pretty hideaway to enjoy summer days when there is nothing more pressing to do than visit the farmers market, catch up on books I have yet to read and nap in a cool ocean breeze. 
It was difficult to choose which interior to feature first in this series, but after a recent trip to Kennebunkport, Maine, this country home is a good start.