Table Lanterns For The Holidays

Gregory Van Boven Interiors - Traditional Home Magazine (here)

Aren't these paper lanterns charming?  I remember seeing them in Traditional Home magazine a few years ago and wondering where I could buy them.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find them anywhere.  I was thrilled this week to read about the lanterns at "Noted", the blog by the artists of Architectural Watercolors (see blog roll) and the creator of the lantern images.  Noted posted that the lanterns are being produced again through Libretto Group.  Thank you, AW.  You've made my day.
I searched Google and found the paper lanterns (pictured above) at Careful Peach Boutique.  However, I ordered two of the "Mr. Jefferson's Folly" lamp (below) and can't for for them to arrive. I plan to buy a few battery operated tea lights to pop inside a lantern and let it glow, let it glow, let it glow (sorry, I couldn't resist).

 UPDATE: The lanterns may no longer be available at Careful Peach boutique.  I'm trying to find another source and if I do, I'll post it here.
Happy Thanksgiving

Warm and Cool

Country Home Magazine, February 2006.  Photo source here.
I have been culling my collection of magazines and found an old issue of Country Home, which was my favorite magazine along with Cottage Living.  It's a shame that both magazines are no longer published (along with a few other casualties of the 2008 economic downturn).
Anyway, this photo is not from the sole Country Home magazine in my collection, but I remember the feature well.  The contrast between the toast colored furniture and cool blue-green walls (painted Restoration Hardware's Silver Sage--remember that paint color?) made quite an impression on me.  The black accents work well too along with the shine from the mercury glass lamp.  Why isn't someone reproducing lamps like this today?  They are impossible to find.
I have the itch to buy this paint and get busy, but the open floor plan of my house means that the entire downstairs would have to be painted this color, which probably wouldn't work well long-term.  At least I can admire it from afar.