I ♥ New York

Central Park, New York City, June 2014
We were in New York two weeks ago to see "Macbeth" starring Kenneth Branagh at the Park Avenue Armory.  I am not a Shakespeare buff (Jon is) and it was the first time I'd seen the play, but I thought it was fantastic.  Did you see it?  I'd be curious to know your thoughts about it.
On Sunday, we visited The Frick Collection, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and afterward walked around Central Park.  This scene at the pond where people navigate remote-controlled sailboats was, I thought, reminiscent of a scene that Monet might have painted.
Wishing you a happy Fourth of July this weekend.


  1. Hi Deborah... Just came across your blog and love it. I live on the South Sho-wah. We just moved here a week before Christmas. Love when you mentioned that you tend to start every broadcast with a weather report. GUILTY! Me too. I think I do it because I am so happy to have some gorgeous weather here, I want to sing its praises. Enjoy your week!

  2. I'm not a Shakespeare buff either, but Kenneth Branagh is a fine actor - would enjoy seeing him in Macbeth. Have a great 4th ahead! Cheers

  3. Oh, that sounds like a classic (intellectual) American weekend. Hope it was fun!!!

    xo Terri


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