Spring Flowers

One of the first things I did yesterday morning after being cooped up all day on Friday was to buy three bunches of yellow tulips. I wanted to brighten the living room with spring color.

The small chair in the background was recently reupholstered in taupe mohair and I think it turned out quite nicely.  The chair had been my grandmother's, was originally covered in a nubby rose fabric, and later, a red ticking stripe fabric (which never really suited the chair).  I'd reupholstered it myself in the ticking stripe more than 12 years ago, when I took an upholstery class.  I'd had visions of turning all sorts of furniture in new pieces by upholstering them myself.  Although the class was a good experience, I never ended up reupholstering anything myself after this chair and another wingback that's in storage. It was a long class that went on for weeks and it seemed as though it would take less time to prepare oneself for childbirth than it would to recover a chair.  Needless to say, I took the chair to a professional for its mohair cover. 

Thank you for your kind comments on my last post.  I hope you have a good week ahead.  I've been working on a project that doesn't involve furniture or fabric, but has taken a lot of time and experimentation.  Hopefully, if all goes well, I'll be able to share it soon.

Out of Focus

Carolyne Roehm
I have been behind in my posting and ever since the beginning of the week, I--and nearly everyone else in the city---have found it difficult to focus on much of anything.  I usually don't do posts about the tragic events that go on in our world. My blog is about light-hearted pleasures--decorating, design, beauty so it's best to keep ugliness at bay.  The Internet, "social media", and live television present plenty of opportunities for people to find the information they need.  I usually don't feel the need to add my voice to the noise.   

But it's been a terrible week here and I count my blessings that my family, friends, and colleagues are all safe.  So while it's been a scary and unprecedented time--we're currently in "lock down" and not leaving the house--I understand that there are others who are going through unimaginable suffering from this event.

Hopefully peace and some kind of normalcy, whatever that may look like in this new world, will return to Boston soon. My thoughts are with all of those directly impacted by this week's tragic events.