Oxford University is a special place for Jon.  He attended a summer program there during his undergraduate years.   Whenever we watch Inspector Lewis on Masterpiece Mystery (a detective series set in Oxford) he'll quickly point out the Radcliffe Camera when it comes into view.  He does this  quite often, really.  Sometimes more than once an episode.  It's touching though, because I know he wants to share it with me since I've never been to Oxford.  

What fun it was to discover then, this plaster replica of the Radcliffe Camera (fashioned into bookends) and other important buildings by Timothy Richards of Bath, England.  His website features a large selection of intricately detailed models and bookends.   

 I don't want to ruin the joy of discovering Timothy Richards' art for yourself by posting photos here. If you're an architecture buff, visit his website and lose yourself in another time and place. 

The website is all the more entertaining if you have another architecture buff with you to point out the less familiar places--or even the familiar places.   

P.S. You may have noticed that I've gone back to my previous blog heading and colors after making a fuss in the spring about a new blog format.  I missed that blog heading more than thought I would and decided to bring it back.  Also, my job has been keeping me busy these days (very grateful for that), so apologies for the spotty posting.