Scandinavian American Design

This room by designers Heiberg Cummings includes so many of my favorite elements such as antique plates hung on the wall, linen covered chairs, white walls, trumeau mirror and gilded candlesticks. Windows without curtains or blinds let in plenty of light and along with the streamlined plate racks, add an unexpected look. Heiberg Cummings designs and sells the plate racks and also uses them in kitchens.

I'm not someone who appreciates loft-like space (not enough order, too much unconstrained space--I need walls!), but this is beautiful. It's the Southampton home of Heiberg and Cummings.

Close-up view of another section of the living room. Such a great mix of colors and textures--concrete floor, linen slipcovers, slightly tattered footstool and antique carpet draped over the ottoman.
Another view of the living room. HC also designed the linen covered chairs in the background which can also be joined together as a love seat/sofa. I love the mix of clean-lined contemporary pieces of furniture with the antiques such as the French chest and daybed. It's a difficult look to get right and HC clearly do it well.

If you're interested in French and Scandinavian interiors that feature a blend of old and new, be sure to visit the Heiberg Cummings Design website here. I spent quite a while on their website and will probably visit again!

Flowers for a Rainy Day

It's a rainy Sunday morning here in New England (and my tennis game is postponed!) so while checking email and thinking about my next blog post I snapped a photo of my desk, which is actually part of my dining room. The pink snapdragons were purchased yesterday at Whole Foods. I stood there, shopping cart in hand, warily eyeing the pale pink peonies, full of promise with their buds closed as tightly as fists and thought perhaps with a little patience, the right water temperature and carefully trimmed stems they'll eventually blossom in a few days, won't they? In the end I decided to treat myself to a little instant gratification and bought the eager to please and less willful snapdragons. Although, there are some buds yet to open on these stems too....

A Petite Herb Garden

I was in Borders Bookstore last week looking through the British magazine Period Living when I saw these pretty potted herbs on wood shelves. I think it's just charming and perfect for a small outdoor space. The combination of weathered wood and galvanized pots have a nice look. The shelves and pots come together in a set called "Pots of Gold" and it's available through Lily and Lime Co. in the UK for a very reasonable GBP 29.95. It appears from their website that Lily and Lime ship to the U.S. I may have to buy one for myself!

My Kind of Minimalism

Recently, I learned of the work of interior designer Laura Bohn at the New York Social Diary website. It’s not the society set that interests me; it's the photos and interviews with interior designers I like to read and I especially enjoyed seeing Bohn's work. She is a versatile designer and clearly successful in her mission to create a “comfortable atmosphere with a minimalist approach." Following is a sample of work from Laura Bohn Design Associates featuring New York City apartments and Pennsylvania farmhouses.
I may have found the ideal kitchen with this photo of a New York City apartment. It has a slightly contemporary look without being cold and could be duplicated on a reasonable budget depending on the choice of appliances. The cabinets look like they have a light green tone, but maybe it’s the lighting. The potted plants add softness. I’m not sure what the counter tops are made of (granite, limestone?). The honed finish softens the look and is a great choice.
This appears to be a small sitting area off the kitchen. I’m completely intrigued by how just a few details dramatically alter a space. Can you imagine how stark this space would be without the sheer roman blind, potted greenery and cushions?

The contemporary floor lamp and table offset the linen drapes and upholstery of this sitting area in a bedroom.
A Corgie in the kitchen of a New York City penthouse. How cute is this little pooch?
Dining area off the kitchen. It looks comfy and inviting to me. This is a Buck’s County, Pennsylvania residence designed by Laura Bohn. The home almost looks like it could be in the French countryside. Here is the living room of the Buck’s County house, which is a little too contemporary for me. The pair of sofas have a unique pairing of leather upholstery and fringe trim. Close-up of the mantel. I like this lamp and although it's difficult to see clearly, if anyone knows the manufacturer's name, please let me know! A close-up of the fringe trim on the leather sofa. I also like the touch of animal print with the use of leopard print fabric on the bolster pillow. I could do without the taxidermy, but the sisal rug and striped cotton upholstery look great. The linen slip covered side chair with a feminine ruffled skirt and sisal rug keep the space from being too hard-edged with the industrial drafting table. Sisal carpeting is used throughout this home. Some may think it's odd to take such close notice of floors, although fellow design bloggers will understand! The bedroom is simple and elegant. It’s interesting how Bohn used an antique mercury glass lamp on one side of the bed and a contemporary lamp on the other side, but it all blends together so well. Here a wicker chair is paired with a contemporary leather ottoman. It’s an unexpected choice, but they look great together. Beautiful outdoor seating area. It occurred to me that I’ve seen this setting in House Beautiful magazine and even clipped the photo, but in the magazine the photo is taken from a different angle. Interesting outdoor love seat here—again, it’s an unexpected mix of contemporary and antique furniture. Lovely terrace and view from the back of the house. Another magnificent view from the terrace. This photo is from a Pennsylvania farmhouse and it appears to be a courtyard or sun room: a quiet spot for morning coffee. I hoped you've enjoyed this look at Laura Bohn's work. To see more, visit Laura Bohn Design Associates. I'm certainly not a minimalist, but perhaps it's time to consider a little less instead of more in my interiors.