The Royal Treatment

A dear friend whom I haven't seen in a while is coming to visit on Friday night.  We are both anticipating the evening--a girl's night, lots of talk, staying up too late and reminiscing.  I wish she were staying longer than one night and if my guest bedroom looked like this,  maybe she would.

If you are a fan of Carolyne Roehm's designs, you may remember these images from Veranda magazine.  I remember being stunned by not only the gorgeous photos and colors, but by Roehm's meticulous attention to detail.

The hostess anticipates everything a guest could want or need. Bed linens are ironed with French orange blossom water.  The guest room is made extra special by a sterling silver pen, water carafes by Dior and fresh flowers.  Even a packet of tissues is luxurious when wrapped in extra fabric from the room's decor.   

Pretty blue mints are offered in a silver dish along with cookies.  

I'd like to find a pretty silver cup in which to keep my pencils (and an orchid or two). 

I'm feeling a sense of hostess inadequacy on my part...... 

 Bottled water from England awaits on a silver tray. Like Roehm, however, I do have plenty of felt-tip pens to offer my guest. 

The linens look so crisp. 

More accouterments for the lucky guest.
Although my guest room is not as well-appointed as Roehm's, I do have a bottle of French orange blossom water (for cooking--I'm not sure why) so I'm going to sprinkle the scented water on the pillow cases while ironing them.  At least it will make the chore enjoyable. 
Carolyne Roehm also has a beautiful website (new?), which you can find here for more gorgeous photos and inspiration.  It also includes new photos related to the original Veranda guest room article she wrote.  
Happy Weekend, a little early
All images from Veranda magazine.  First photo by Sylvie Becquet.  All other photos by Carolyne Roehm.

My Favorite Kitchens

Here's a brief tour of my favorite kitchens from Pinterest.  White cabinets rule these days, don't they?
This is my favorite of the group.  Creamy cabinets, white marble counter tops and a gray stone (limestone, bluestone, Belgian stone?) counter top on a dark gray island.  Plus, that's a Lacanche stove back there.  Isn't she a beauty?

Darryl Carter
You already know how I feel about Darryl Carter.  He can do no wrong in my book. 

Darryl Carter
Well, actually, as much as I admire Darryl Carter's taste, I would replace these stools.  They look good because they echo the color of the beams, but they don't look comfortable do they? 

David Kleinberg via Veranda
A crisp white kitchen with black accents.  Pretty ceiling detail too. 

J. Randall Powers via Elle Decor
Such interesting chairs and stools.  I like these very much. Creamy white cabinets again.  

Source Unknown
My guess is that these are honed black granite, slate, or engineered stone counter tops.  Sorry, not much of a guess is it?  I wish I knew the source of this kitchen.   

Khachi Design Group
 An interesting note about this counter top.  Apparently it's not marble, but Cambria Quartz in "Torquay".  It looks like a good alternative to marble.

Source Unknown

And just for fun, I consider this to be the little black dress of kitchens.

Happy Weekend