Bedroom Makeover

I've been working on a feminine master bedroom makeover and came up with the following fabrics and furnishings.  The only trouble is, I can't decide which lamps would be best to try in the room.  Following are four variations of the room and the only difference in each are the bedside lamps.  Everything else is the same.  Unfortunately, none of the items in the photos are to scale.

Please vote for your favorite in the poll on the side bar or leave a comment and we'll see which lamp is the winner.   


I started with the antiqued brass library lamps, but am concerned that the shades will be too wide--nearly as wide as the top of the bedside tables.  The shape of the shades have a pleasing geometry and the lamp bases don't compete with headboard fabric.  The lamps are also adjustable and 27" is the lowest height, which is plenty for a bedside lamp.

 The gilded iron lamps are more modern than the first lamps, but the finish is aged and has an antique quality.  The size (and the price) are right.  I fall hard for anything gilded.

Here we have the traditional crystal column lamps.  They're pretty, but may be more traditional and chunkier than what I'd like to see.

 I initially passed on these conical shaped crystal lamps, but I'm giving them a second look.  The bottom is faceted, like a diamond, and the gentle curve of the base is feminine, but not fancy.


Interior Design by Tara Shaw.  Photos by CocoCozy.

First of all, I apologize for the lack of posts in August and September.  These months were the busiest ever at work.  The long days and long to-do lists left me little time for much else and resulted in a neglected blog.  I would have preferred to be decorating, reading my favorite design blogs and design books, but until I can earn a living doing those things, my day job pays the bills (you know how that is). 

Work is less demanding for now, so I had time to savor the October 2011  issue of Veranda magazine featuring the "The House of Windsor".  The bedroom designed by Tara Shaw intrigued me and I was curious if Ms. Shaw had designed any other rooms at the house. A quick Google search and eureka!  I discovered these photos by CocoCozy of the bathroom designed by Ms. Shaw. I was taken by cool marble, antique mirror and cheerful  pink flowers, along with the crisp architectural details.  It's pretty, simple and inviting and now at the top of my list of designer bathrooms.