House Hunting Outside Paris

Actually, I'm not house hunting anywhere right now, but if you dream of owning a home in France, The New York Times suggests looking just outside Paris in Neuilly-Sur-Seine where your dollar (or a few million of them) will go a bit farther than it will in Paris.

Lovely view. 
The article presents a feature on a apartment in the area for sale.  Unfortunately, there are only a few photos of the apartment.

This photo gives an odd perspective of the living and dining room, but they probably didn't have interior design fanatics like you and me in mind when they took the photos.  It would be nice to see more details of the room.

I was completely charmed by the kitchen and what appears to be a La Cornue range.  I've only fiddled with the knobs on the display model at Williams-Sonoma.  I wonder what it's like to actually use it.

A serene master bath with an interesting finish on the wall panels.  What a lovely place in which to start the day.

~ Happy Monday ~