Are We There Yet?


By "there",  I mean summer.  Spring is only now beginning and I'm already thinking about summer.  So when we are finally there, meaning summer is here, I plan to make lots of this lemon-thyme soda, which is a refreshing twist on classic lemonade.

Lemon-Thyme Soda

Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups sugar, 2 cups of water, 1 oz. fresh thyme, juice of 6 lemons, soda water.

Bring the sugar and water to a boil, add the thyme and let steep until cool. Pass mixture through a fine-mesh strainer. Combine 1 1/2 ounces of the thyme syrup with 1/2 ounce of fresh lemon juice in a tall ice-filled glass rimmed with sugar. Fill with soda water and garnish with fresh lemon and thyme springs.

Recipe and photo courtesy of  Culture Club Monaco


  1. oh this looks so refreshing deborah! yes! x

  2. I think that summer is still here in BsAs. Days are so sunny and warm that we can enjoy this rich beverage around the pool...and we are in the fall season.
    Happy Easter. Julia
    La Silla Chic

  3. This looks wonderful! + It is a balmy 75 in LA today. Happy

  4. I guess you're supposed to fill the glass up with soda water after adding the syrup and lemon juice?

    1. Yes - thanks for pointing that out! I've revised the post.

  5. Great recipe, Deborah! Funny I was just thinking about July 4th. We are going up to Maine. Tom's niece is getting married in a barn. This lemon thyme soda would be perfect. Have a great weekend ~ L

  6. Perfect! Love some citrus adventure for my drinks this Spring and Summer of course. Glad you've shared. Got my eye on your next posts.


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