Snowed In

We are expecting a blizzard today in Boston so the after-Christmas sales will have to wait, but several hours of guilt-free interior design web and blog browsing lie ahead.  Fun! Then some shoveling ahead. Not so fun.  And although Christmas 2010 is over, it's still "the holidays" which means that my ongoing interest in Christmas decorating is justified.  It's never too soon to plan (although I use the term loosely) for next year.

This room was designed by Pam Pierce of Houston and the photos were featured in the Houston Chronicle, December 2009.

I like the use of pears, surrounding an olive tree in a French terra cotta pot.  What a clever, inexpensive way to bring some natural color and texture into holiday decorating. 


White roses, more pears, and branches decorate the dinner table.

Here's a view of the entire roomThe greenery above the curtain rods is another pretty and inexpensive way to liven up rooms for the holidays.

To view the entire article in the Houston Chronicle, click here and to view Pam Pierce's website for extensive photos of her interiors, click here.

If you are in New England, hunker down for the storm and stay warm!


  1. Wow, loving those images and that room, fabulous! The husband is test starting the snowblower. Me, I'm playing inside....:)Enjoy the snow too Deborah!

  2. Deborah I would love to be snowed in today!!

    Adore your site!

    Happiest of Holidays & All the Best in the New Year!

    Art by Karena

    PS I have a giveaway from MY Sparrow!

  3. hi deborah,

    happy holidays to you too.

    i'm in northern utah skiing and there is a ton of snow here. it's v cold outside, which cannot be good for one's skin.

    i love the photos above. so simple and beautiful and natural.


  4. Let the snow begin! Or, wild rumpus start! You're so right about decorating! Although, I am taking things down...I am thinking of so great things for the months ahead! ;)Alyssa of Boston Bee

  5. Snow brrrrrrrrrrr Hello Deborah
    I love the textures and the colours of this room ,elegant and simple

    its quite warm here in Florence Italy ,we only had snow for two days ,which was strange enough !! Enjoy your holidays fay xx

  6. Isn't that something, we've already had 42" of snow this month, and right now nothing is going on, and through the coming week there is no prediction for us to get snow. My son lives near Philly and they are ready for the snow too. I hope you don't get the 20" that they say could happen!
    I love the topiary tree in the window with the fruit piled around it... neat idea...and the container it's in is great!
    Stay warm and don't leave home without a hat, scarf and gloves!

  7. brrr.... Hope you're staying warm! My lights are flickering on occasion and things are literally hitting the windows. Don't know if it's snow, ice or pieces of trees! Merry Christmas Deborah!

  8. Beautiful. Wish we had been snowed in.
    Have a wonderful afternoon.

  9. Gorgeous photos - I just ADORE that table. Wow. Sorry to hear you are getting a Canadian winter. haha. ;0

    xo Terri

  10. Love this beautiful room and table setting. Elegant and serene!

  11. Simply stunning. Pam Pierce is a huge favorite of mine.

  12. How did I ever miss this post! Very beautiful rooms by Pierce.


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