Looking Ahead to 2011

The year is coming to a close and I want to thank everyone who reads, comments, emails, follows, and subscribes to my blog all year long.  Having a blog is great fun and I've enjoyed getting to know new people and fellow bloggers near and far.  Thank you all for your support and friendship. 

And lest I carry on like Sally Field at the 1985 Oscars, I'll move on now to a few of my plans for 2011. Nothing strenuous or exciting like climbing K2, but it's good to get even the little things down on paper:

1) Spend more on fresh flowers and less on imported cheese

Sure, I love French cheese (who doesn't), but it would be best to eat it less often. Sometimes I balk at the bunches of fresh flowers at Whole Foods, thinking do I really need to spend $12 on flowers? But then I get home and while putting away the groceries realize that in three days the flowers will look better than a half-eaten $9 wedge of St. Andre and I regret not buying the flowers.

2) Consider drapes for the living room and bedroom

I have lived in my house for ten years and never considered myself a drapery kind of person. They always seemed too fussy and too puffy for my taste. Shutters have been my window treatment of choice since there is not much privacy in the city and shutters allow light to come in while shielding views from the neighbors.  But the idea of adding drapes is growing on me.  Drapes to bring warmth, coziness, pattern, and color to my rooms.  Yes, these are definitely on the list for 2011 and I've recently become smitten with these crisp chocolate brown checked drapes.

Interior design by Pamela Pierce. Southern Accents Magazine, Nov/Dec 2003. Photography by Tria Giovan

3) Finish painting the walls upstairs

This is self-explanatory.  I changed the colors of my walls from taupe to white this summer and am very happy with the change, except that I haven't finished the rest of the house yet.

4)  Post a photo of myself on my blog

I have been reluctant to put my face "out there" on the web.  I have a "day" job and wonder what will happen if a colleague or client discovers my blog. Will they think it's frivolous, silly, or unprofessional?  One of the benefits of having a blog is getting to know other bloggers.  I enjoy seeing photos of bloggers and putting a name with a face and sometimes even a voice with a face.  People like to know who they're communicating with, right?  So, I resolve to post a photo of myself on my blog profile and leave it up. For at least for a month anyway.

5) Buy or make a Christmas tree skirt

For years I have deluded myself into thinking that a Christmas tree skirt is unnecessary and it's just not so.  The tree looks fine with a few nicely wrapped gifts under it, but after Christmas when the boxes are unwrapped and the gifts are put away, one is left with a bare, cold, metal stand that just doesn't look good.  A piece of burlap or leftover fabric draped around the tree would be better than nothing.  Enough said.

6) Post more of my own photos

I will make it a point to never leave home without my camera this year and will attempt to post more photos of my home. Even if it's a simple grouping of items lying around the kitchen, like the first photo above,  taking my own photos is a way to express creativity and originality.

7) Plant the paper whites earlier next year

The purchase of the bulbs took a back seat to the purchase of everything else this holiday season and I did not plant my paper whites until just before Christmas.  I almost can't bear to look at these little stubs everyday and part of my morning routine is to rotate the pots to maximize sun exposure and then stare at the bulbs for a few minutes, silently imploring them to grow. Faster. Please. 

8) Add more plants outside

My outdoor space is only about 300 square feet and oddly shaped, but it could use more plants next spring.  More boxwood, more flowers, more everything.  This white garden will be my inspiration.

Photo of Loi Thai's garden by Jennifer Sergent of DC by Design Blog

9) Invest in outdoor furniture

Even if it's just a a few French style folding chairs like this one from Wisteria and a metal table, dining outside once a week will be a priority next summer. The two feet of snow on the patio should be gone by then.

10) Take a painting class

I love to visit museums and when it's not too crowded, I like to get up close to a painting and study the brush strokes, the blending of paint, the highlights and the shadows.  Oil painting, in particular, fascinates me and I am determined to take a beginners painting class this year.  I'm no Sarah Lamb when it comes to painting, but I'm looking forward to giving it a go.

So as 2010 comes to a close, I thank you again for your readership and your friendship and wish you all a very happy, peaceful, and prosperous New Year.


  1. hi deborah,

    i love those drapes!

    putting a pic of yourself is prob silly and frivolous but who cares? the world needs a little more silliness don't you think?


    happy new year to you.

  2. Love your list. So happy you'll be posting more of your own photos! You are a great photographer. The first pic in this post is magazine quality. Best wishes for a very Happy 2011!

  3. Great list! I love the Christmas tree photograph! Look like Bilhuber work.
    I love your blog and am happy I found it.
    Have a happy 2011.

  4. I really enjoy your blog and especially like the serene background and the name (I am a boxwood lover). Just a piece of advice, a picture and a name may be important for your blog readers to connect with, but as a professional woman, you may find that associates take you less seriously after finding out that you blog. I suppose it depends on your profession and how competitive it is for women.

  5. Hi yes id like to see your photograph its nice to see them
    thanykyou for the FABULOUS 18thcentury greens !!!
    I absolutely love them happy New year fay xx

  6. I love your resolutions and it is inspiring me to actually write mine down. I love the brown check drapes. I had to save that image. I admire you and your commitment to follow your heart and blog about the things that you enjoy. I don't think that makes you any less professional at all. On the contrary you appear to be a woman who has varied interests and accomplishes a lot more than most. Happy New Year. Mona

  7. I think posting your picture is a must! I love to see a face to connect with. I can't imagine why posting a picture or having a blog should change your status as a professional, nor can I imagine others thinking any less of you for doing so.
    Your curtain idea looks great! I too was lax on my bulb planting, but at 31 days I'm finally getting some flowers!
    I have another blog dedicated to my gardening...
    Well, I'm glad I found your blog and I do enjoy your postings...
    Many wishes for a Happy New Year!

  8. I'm so laughing at your paperwhites, I did the same thing. They'll be pretty come January. I'm so glad I found your blog, I really enjoy it Deborah. Wishing you and your family the very best for the coming New Year...Enjoy!

  9. I enjoy your blog and a wonderful new year to you. Your comment on frivolous/silly prompted me to write. It's sad that a lot of us women hesitate to express our femininity with design as it might be 'unprofessional' and we have day jobs. It's certainly not frivolous or silly.. it's what we enjoy and it makes us happy. What can be silly in that?! :) Thanks for sharing in this space..


  10. What a wonderful list Deborah, especially the drape thing! I reckon a room without scrumptuous drapes is like a day without a big smooch - awful! I have loved your blog since Day 1 & value your insightful comments over @ The Hedge immensely. I'm also very mindful of the blog/work thing, so don't put my pic on my avatar, but do occasionally post images of MOTH & I on posts. Do what you truly feel comfortable with, you'll know when the time is right to show us the delightful face behind Boxwood Terrace.
    Millie x

  11. I love this list...I might have written it! (although i'm no professional...more of a dreamer!)
    I love those brown checks!

  12. I love your list Deborah and am with you on the paperwhites for next year as well. ;) I can appreciate your apprehension about sharing your picture with us as I am very careful about keeping my blog a secret at work. Very few people I know (including my close friends) don't even read blogs so I feel pretty safe.

    Here's to the new year and all that we hope to achieve.

  13. Happy New Year! I enjoyed reading your resolutions.

  14. Your blog is fun to read. I really liked the garden picture. White is on my list of colors to incorporate in the garden this year too. You can see it from the road and it is so soothing in the hot,humid days of summer


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