The Crowning Touch

My bedroom could use an overhaul and I'm drawn to using some kind of carved, gilded headboard.  I have a plain, upholstered headboard with a peach damask linen fabric and the peach is passé these days.  Actually, the peach fabric was probably passé when I bought it, but that was before I discovered design blogs.

Nate Berkus designed this room.  Unfortunately, I do  not know what publication this is from or the photographer's name.  Mr. Berkus' website is being renovated, so I could not find any information there.  Please let me know if you have details about this photo and I'll update the post. 

Of course, I cannot afford an antique, carved, gilded headboard like the one above or this:

The price for this is not shown on 1stdibs, so it's likely an "if you have to ask you can't afford it" item.

Here's another headboard identical to the one above.  They are both Italian, apparently from the 1930s.  I wonder if there was an Italian version of Crate & Barrel back then where everyone could go to buy the same thing.  The bottom half is a pretty blue-green-gray color.

  This headboard is more substantial than the others.  It's also Italian (I know you're not surprised).  This is beautiful, but even if I wanted to buy it, it's too over-the-top for my room.  Surprisingly, the price is not over-the-top for an antique.

My taste is more simple--think jeans with flats---so I'm not sure these headboards are really "me", with the exception of the Nate Berkus room, which I would be happy to have as my own.  But the room could use a "wow" or two.  I've been thinking about the concept and could make my own headboard with some supplies I've found, but I'm concerned that it will look too faux, too Disney-Italian. So, I'll continue to ponder and maybe one of these days I'll take the plunge and make my own. If I do, photos will follow for sure.


  1. hi deborah,

    please show us pics of your current headboard and we can all put our heads together and fix it. that would be fun.


  2. beautiful. I would love to see the entire Nate B. bedroom; I am in love with that image. the headboard is divine.

    How is it that we 'jeans and flats' gals are drawn to more glam things like this style headboard? It's so true of me, too.

    beautiful post...

  3. The one in front of the window is fab!
    I need to rethink my bedframe too or possibly update it!

  4. I have an idea. How about some assemblage of old gilt frames all screwed together to make one piece. They should be available pretty inexpensively and they wouldn't have to be perfect. That could be really cool!

  5. I need a headboard for my guest room.. I would looooooove any one of the headboards you have pictured...

  6. Janet - I'm not sure I have the courage to show a photo of the bedroom!

    A Perfect Gray - I would also like to see the entire bedroom designed by Nate Berkus. The first photo is the only one I could find, which is surprising.

    Leslie - It would be fun to see inside that shop too, now that I think of it. It looks like there are some great things to see.

    Urban Cottage - That is an interesting idea, but it would probably take me a long time to collect enough frames for the project and by then, I would have moved on to another idea!

    Antique Chase - If you find an antique headboard for your guest room, I hope you'll let us know and post photos.

    Thanks all for your comments,

  7. Hi Deborah, you will simply not believe this! That 2nd headboard is the exact one I owned back in the late '60's. After a while I had it painted white to go with a more subtle bedroom look. I later gave it to one of my girlfriends as I changed styles over time. There was this super extravagant bedroom shop in Houston then & driving by at night you could see these opulent room vignettes. I could not resist. Funny how time brings everything back. That last pic calls to me even now. Good luck.

  8. Hi Deborah, if you click at the Bedroom label on my blog, you'll find some bedroom inspiration.

  9. Deborah, gorgeous. What a beautiful new idea. Even us simple classic girls need a little glamour sometimes. I don't have this type of thing in my house either, but I think pieces like this are all the more interesting when they are one special piece and you don't have a whole house full of curvy busy gilt stuff.

    Wow indeed! xo Terri

  10. Love the ott gilty look! I was thinking maybe you could look at Drexel's Bramasole bed (inspired by Under the Tuscan Sun) but, they seem to have narrowed the finish options. But take a look.

  11. Beautiful headboards.... so glitzy and glamorous!

  12. I like them but it is very " royal "

  13. I love those headboards. I actually have one in the shop inventory like the second one from first dibs. I would love to know what their price is. We did a really affordable headboard for a client a few years ago. She had a dated cherry finish armoire with carved bonnet top that actually screwed on. We took the top off of the armoire and did a painted finish on it and used it in the family room for the TV. We took the carved piece from the top and really grunged it to look old and wonderful and mounted it to an upholstered headboard. It looks great. Could send you a pic if you are interested.

  14. Great ideas Mona and Deborah keep looking and you will find just the right one!!

    Art by Karena

  15. We have an old Italian carving over our bed in our Channel Islands home.Steve gave it to me as a gift a couple of years ago. It really is the focal point of our room.
    I love the one for sale on Melissa Levinson's 1st dibs site. She has the best antiques!
    Gorgeous post.


  16. I love the gilded headboards. They allow you to add as much or as little glitz to your room as you want, either as a single gilt focus in the room or as part of an over-the-top statement. I hope you find just exactly the one you're looking for.


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