Dining Room Inspiration

This photo from the home of Wisteria catalogue founders Andrew and Shannon Newsom featured in the March 2008 issue of Veranda is my favorite dining room. It's light, airy and pretty, and as with most homes featured in Veranda, it's full of expensive antiques. The interiors were done by Newsom's mother, designer Jane Moore. The other side of the dining room including more beautiful antiques!

I browsed websites to see if I could duplicate this look on a budget. This is a compilation of furnishings found and not surprisingly, it's a challenge to copy this look at affordable prices. The Mora clock, sideboard, and French steel dining table are out of my reach, but I have a similar sideboard that could be repainted. The chairs are pricey, too, but less expensive ones could be substituted. The French round steel dining table really makes this room. Wisteria sells the oval steel "Campaign" table, which is less expensive than an antique, but it doesn't have graceful, scrolled legs of the original table. So, here are the details:
Petite French chandelier, Steel dining table from Paris, Warning: prepare for sticker shock. $4,000 Steel table from, but a little plain in my opinion and described as a "folding table", so not sure how stable it is for dining.

Steel base from Curvy enough, but the price only includes the base. One would have to find a top, glass (which doesn't quite make it) or otherwise. $2,165 - still expensive, but includes free shipping (if that helps).

Dining chairs, Pricey still and with the exchange rate they're about $500 each, but look similar to the original chairs.

Wisteria chairs at $379 each, but I prefer the straight lines and nail head trim of the original 19th century antiques (of course I do). The straight lines of the antique chairs balance the curves in the table and lighting fixture.

Chinoiserie print,

Antique lanterns,

Pottery Barn lanterns. They're affordable and could be antiqued with a faux paint treatment.

Antique blue painted sideboard. You've probably already guessed this is from
Antique Mora Clock. You know where to find it (other than Sweden).......... White ironstone tureen, The roses are my own--a gift from someone special!
So, this was not much of a budget friendly solution to a very expensive dining room, but it was a fun project and has given me some decorating inspiration and ideas for my own dining room.


  1. Great post! Hope that you have a wonderful day!

  2. That is one of my favorite dining rooms too. I just loved the whole house for that matter. Thanks for doing to legwork on finding affordable substitutes. Even the substitutes are out of my price range for the moment though! Beautiful post.



    HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I did this EXACT room to copy and found some mora clocks cheap, etc. but that table, oy! go read mine too - I think you'll have fun - great minds think exactly alike. tooo funny!!!!! LOVED THIS!!!

  4. Thanks for the links to the great stuff! I love that steel dining table! But, I can think of other ways to spend $4000 right now (I have some green plaid couches that definitely need replacing before my dining table!). Oh, by the way, I have a fun giveaway going on right now on my blog. Stop by and enter!

  5. That was fun!! I agree the original dining room is to die for!! I love a peaceful, calm dining room where the food and the guests are the stars!

  6. This really is a stunning dining room. I love the table choices you've shown!

    I just got a table similar (though not an antique) that has a zinc top with a metal base that was on sale, and I knew it was a deal I coudln't pass up. These tables are so pricey most of the time, though very beautiful!

  7. This is a beautiful the steel dining room table and your flowers are gorgeous. Ax

  8. What a stunning post. I'm so drawn to the antique lanterns. I'm so glad I discovered your beautiful blog..hugs ~lynne~

  9. Beautiful room. LOVE that table and I can imagine it would be almost impossible to duplicate on a budget. You found great matches for the other pieces though. I'm going to have to learn polyvore so I can have fun doing this too!!

  10. Hi,
    Must stop by and tell you about Renaissance's Residential Interior Design courses you would find them delicious only slight problem they are being held in Somerset England Oh well!!!

  11. I was going through some modern designs on Dining Room Decorand I found amazing collection.

  12. Just discovered your wonderful blog! Love the dining room.

  13. You have a wonderful blog!!
    Thank you again for your comment on my post!
    I added you on my bloglist!


  14. I am not sure if you would be interested in a wood table, but I have a similar one as the table pictured in my kitchen that I got from Ethan Allen. It is from their Maison line and I love it... it is really solid and has similar lines to your inspiration piece.

    I love that inspiration photo, too!


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