Home Office Renovation

Happy New Year!
Despite the 14 inches of snow we received on Friday, we have started the home office renovation and the contractor has been hanging the drywall. Here are a few photos of the room before the drywall was installed and during the installation. The photos aren't very exciting, but I'm sure you know what it's like when you're having work done to your home--every bit of progress is indeed exciting. 

The drywall should be finished today, which leaves the taping of the joints and plastering next weekend. I've already chosen the paint color, which will be a deep blue-green. The room is very small (ok, tiny!), but I am hoping the dark paint color will be good choice and it should work well with the cherry furniture.

The floors are pine, but I'm a bit tired of the rustic look (and orange-ish color), so we'll have wall-to-wall carpeting installed. I haven't even begun to look at carpet samples yet so need to do this, pronto. The carpeting needs to be installed before the desk and bookcases are delivered.
The former owners used this room as the children's bedroom.  When I bought the house, I had to take some space from this room to have a walk-in closet built in the master bedroom.  The original closet was unbelievably tiny, as is the case with these old houses.  The window is being covered with drywall and the exterior has been shingled to match the house. 

Such a mish-mash of framing!  The house was built in 1875, so this is not a surprise (I keep telling myself that anyway).
We're looking for a neutral carpet--something in an oatmeal color (no sea grass, however) and of nice quality, but budget friendly.  If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.  Thanks!


  1. I just happened to have this handy. It might be helpful.

  2. If you don't find a carpet you like you could always stain the floors a dark color. I got an architectural watercolor Tea House table lantern for a friend as a gift. She loved it from Sue Fisher King in SF greetings from LA. thanks

  3. It's going to be a very nice room! Sometimes carpet is nicer because of the warmth it adds.

  4. Deborah - A home project to start 2014 - exciting! I have luck at the Stark outlet in Norwalk, CT. Since your room is small, you can find remnants. Check them out if you ever head south. Good luck! L

  5. Seeing your exposed insulation makes me wonder how people survived in cold weather with none at all and with cracks between their logs. Brrr! You room and its colors sound much more civilized - warm and cozy. Can't help you with rug selections, but your neutral color sounds great with your darker walls. Keep us posted.
    Stay warm,

  6. I know how you feel! Home decoration is always exciting indeed!
    Carpet wise, I really like sisal.
    Good luck with everything. Looking forward to completion!
    Best wishes x

  7. Good Luck with the renovation. I know what you mean about the orangey pine.. I just redid mine dark. There are so many great budget friendly sisal looking knock offs available right now. I am sure you will find something fab ulous!!

  8. Fourteen inches of snow? That’s a lot of ice. Renovation is a difficult job especially for an 1875 house. What more in this kind of weather, right? Thankfully you hired a good contractor. Nothing can keep them from finish your home office. How’s the progress, btw?

    Homer @ Pinnacle Group


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