Keeping It Simple (in Provence, no less)

A search on google for something else entirely led me to the website of a hotel in Provence (worse things could happen, I suppose, when it comes to the Internet). I must have let out an audible sigh when I saw this room at the Benvengudo Hotel in Les Baux de Provence. Don't you feel more relaxed just looking at the photo? The soft colors and gauzy drapes are so inviting.   The wood paneled doors make the room--it could be bland without the additional color and texture.
The flat screen television doesn't jive with my idea of a week in Provence, but it is a hotel room after all.  Some U.S. vacationers, for example, may want to keep up with events at home, like what's happening with the debt ceiling.  Not me.  I'd pass on watching television although I can't go more than two hours without checking email on my iPhone so who am I to judge?

After you've caught up with what's happening in the world (if you must), you could head downstairs for a relaxing and probably delicious dinner in the hotel dining room.

I had a cozy table for two in mind with Jon, but this would work too.
Isn't this a beautifully simple table setting and flower arrangement?  It appears as though each table has its own box of Fleur de Sel.  I just love French sea salt (yes - easily impressed and gushing a bit).

Leave it to the French to inject surprise by hanging a colorful and interesting painting in a very neutral space. 
See, it worked.  Didn't you forget about the debt ceiling for a few minutes?


  1. Yes, this post helped me to forget about the debt ceiling for a moment and start dreaming of a vacation in Provence. This hotel looks so beautiful and relaxing!

  2. Can Tom and I join your table? Great find, Deborah. Very sophisticated and soothing indeed. And a nice alternative to the bright and saturated colors normally found in Provence. x Loi

  3. I will have a table for two under the interesting art work + so beautiful.

  4. Deborah,
    I was hurt that you didn't publish my comment. I didn't know that finding fault due to trip advisor reviews would offend you - i thought it was legitimate research, which is what I always do before I travel anywhere.

    1. Anne,

      Thanks for taking the time to comment. Your comment didn't sit right with me, so I chose to delete it (since I don't moderate comments). It was not my intention to cause hurt feelings.

      Have a nice weekend,

  5. What a beautiful hotel! It's going in my file of French destinations. I even loved the flat screen TV - would be fun to view after a full day of touring. (Do you think we can connect to Pinterest in Provence?) Loved all the neutrals and simplicity that you stress in your posts. Always inspires.

  6. Exquisite!!

    The second last time I was in Europe the global financial crisis was underway (Sept.2009) and we were glued to CNN every night. It was depressing viewing, but a lot of red wine helped.
    I LOVE this hotel. Good find. :)

    xo Terri

  7. I want to stay here!! Great work on your blog. Happy to have collaborated with you way back!


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