Greek Mythology 201

I have always had a soft spot for the Greek Key motif and have seen it mostly on pillows and drapery trim.   The subtle detail on the chest first caught my attention and after a long look at the photo, I noticed the Greek Key detail on the mirror.  The architectural molding and sconces hit the right note too. 
Not so subtle are these gold snake-form earrings with Greek Key detail from 1stdibs.  I'd wear these when I'm feeling like a goddess, which of course  means they'd never leave the jewelry box.  Perhaps it's best that the earrings I wouldn't wear are sold, but I still keep going back for a look. 

The first photo is from, which indicates that the photo is of a "Boston apartment", which I'm not so sure about and there is no designer credited.  If you know the name of the designer and have a better source for the photo, please leave a comment and I'll update the post. 


  1. I love greek key too. That mirror is beautiful - I need to find a mirror I can paint a greek key on.

  2. oh that image is so stunning. the greek key plus all that gorgeous molding.
    the earrings are pretty too and like you, if i owned them would probably never wear them.

  3. Hi Deborah,
    Love the first pic - very Darryl Carter. The earrings would also probably never leave my jewelry box either - I always seem to lose my favorite and most expensive jewelry. Just lost one of my Elsa Peretti earrings - could just cry.

  4. Oh what a great inspiration picture! I do like the Greek key design too. Love that chest! Heck I like all of it even the sconces! I'm not a big one for wearing jewelry but that would be a lovely pair of earrings to own for just the right occasion! I'm never going to be a goddess but I'd wear them anyways!

  5. LOVE LOVE that chest

    feeling like a goddess? not in this life!

  6. That ebonized chest is stunning! And paired with the mirror and sconces, just divine!! Hope you are having a wonderful summer, Deborah.
    PS - We didn't make it to Winslow Homer's studio while in Maine. They are fully booked until September, and tours only on Mondays and Fridays.

  7. The earrings are my favourite of the pieces above, I love the snake effect on jewelry, it takes me back to the days of walking aroung Greece as these patterns where very common place.


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