Modern Times

The home of interior designer Laura Montalban via New York Social Diary
Here's something I never thought I'd say:  More and more often these days, I'm drawn to interiors that include contemporary furniture and lighting.   My taste is evolving and although I'll never go all contemporary, a room with a mix of modern furnishings and antiques catches my attention more than a room full of one or the other.
The home office of Laura Montalban seems mostly contemporary with the sleek white desk and book shelves until you see the ebonized cabinet, which cleverly hides the television. The black accents in the room are appealing, I believe, because they are the same color, but from different eras.  I've been thinking about that Tizio desk lamp for awhile and need to find a place for one in my house.

The vertical bookcase is interesting and not something I've seen before.  It's a great idea for a small space.

I also like the black-framed abstract collages.  Although it's not visible in these photos there is also a graphic black and white rug in the room.  It's a New York apartment not to be missed so click the New York Social Diary link above for the full tour.

What appeals to you--contemporary style, antiques or a mix of both?


  1. Hi, Deborah -
    What a chic flat! To me, it is very tailored, Classical, and modern----very much like the homes of Bill Blass. His former country home was one of my favorites. I love her palette: warm neutrals, whites, blacks, and rich wood tones. Enjoyed the photos....will go back to read the entire article.

    1. Hi Loi - I agree and you will probably enjoy seeing the rest of Ms. Montalban's apartment. Veranda magazine did a story on it too a few years ago.

  2. Replies
    1. It would be easy to duplicate too with some black paint. I have a piece of furniture in mind....

  3. Hi Deb....I love the mix of modern and antique it makes the antique pieces stand out more. Love that black cupboard too!


  4. I am a new subscriber! + I could never go all modern but then I love the mix. This office appeals to me maybe for the exact reasons it does to you. I am also a NYSD reader.

  5. Hi Phyllis - I'll stop by your blog. Maybe you have some photos there of your summer place?! I'd love to see it.

  6. I confess I naturally gravitate towards traditional and/or classic. These images seem to me to fall into the classic line. Very clean, uncluttered but not overly stark. Great rooms.

  7. Hi Deborah,
    I completely understand your leanings - they are mine too. Earlier, anything I admired had to be antique, traditional and New England-esque. Then Jacobsen entered my small world and lots changed.

    I did go to the link you suggested and was captivated, but the striped rug was too much for me. You know what else I'm not crazy about - animal skins, animal horns, and nude paintings. Give me another ten years and that too will probably change.

    Comforting post.

  8. This looks classic and modern style. I got a lot of ideas from this post. It is hard to arrange the things if you have a limited space in your house. The paint color also help to keep the space looks bigger.

  9. It's not just about the furniture and the layout. How the room is lighted can make a huge difference in it's beauty. I switched from florescent lights to led's and my room's are way prettier now.


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