Ina Garten Is Blogging!

Ina Garten, the Barefoot Contessa

Maybe you already knew this, but Ina Garten has a blog on her website, the Barefoot Contessa.  Am I the only one who just noticed this?  There are only two posts so far, but I'm checking daily for updates. That's a bit obsessive, I know, although not when I tell you that my fantasy is for Ina to invite me to her home in the Hamptons for weekends of cooking, eating, flower arranging and abundant laughter. And I'd be happy to wash the dishes, of course.

Ina has different categories on her blog--Home & Garden, Entertaining and Travel, which look interesting---in addition to Food.  I'm hoping to see more photos of her homes since I watch her show not just for the recipes, but to admire her taste in table settings and decorating too.

Photo from Ina Garten's website, The Barefoot Contessa.


  1. I did not know either! Thanks for sharing. I will be sure to check out her blog.

  2. Hi Deborah - I did not know either! So glad you posted the news. If you get invited, can I come along? I'll help with dishes, too. I hope Ina reads this. We are all fans :-) Will go to her blog. Thanks!

  3. Like you, I have been watching and even have her listed on my blog roll. It seems like the posts may be few and far between. Hope for more, she featured a great Hamptons shop on the second one. Love your blog...

  4. I freaked when I saw it too!! Waiting and hoping for more!! I am too excited over her new book this fall as well!

  5. I was notified by email. I assume that is because I signed up for her newsletter. They send me an email when she posts, which isn't too often but still, very fun.

  6. Great info- thanks for sharing!

  7. hi deborah

    nope, i had no idea, headed right over

  8. Some of us actually check YOUR blog daily for updates! I realize you're busy, but we'd love it if you'd post more often. Your aesthetic is well developed and you have a great writing voice. Please continue to post! We love reading them.

    1. Hi Angela - That's very kind of you--thanks for the encouragement and I will try to work in more posts. I sometimes get blocked about what to post about, but your comment is a good motivator. Thanks again.


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  10. I love Ina's blog. I 've been getting it since she started. Love her recipes. Lemon cake is outstanding!


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