Bedroom Makeover

I've been working on a feminine master bedroom makeover and came up with the following fabrics and furnishings.  The only trouble is, I can't decide which lamps would be best to try in the room.  Following are four variations of the room and the only difference in each are the bedside lamps.  Everything else is the same.  Unfortunately, none of the items in the photos are to scale.

Please vote for your favorite in the poll on the side bar or leave a comment and we'll see which lamp is the winner.   


I started with the antiqued brass library lamps, but am concerned that the shades will be too wide--nearly as wide as the top of the bedside tables.  The shape of the shades have a pleasing geometry and the lamp bases don't compete with headboard fabric.  The lamps are also adjustable and 27" is the lowest height, which is plenty for a bedside lamp.

 The gilded iron lamps are more modern than the first lamps, but the finish is aged and has an antique quality.  The size (and the price) are right.  I fall hard for anything gilded.

Here we have the traditional crystal column lamps.  They're pretty, but may be more traditional and chunkier than what I'd like to see.

 I initially passed on these conical shaped crystal lamps, but I'm giving them a second look.  The bottom is faceted, like a diamond, and the gentle curve of the base is feminine, but not fancy.


  1. I like the library lamps. I think they're tall enough to balance their width and are a classic design. Also, a taller lam will facilitate reading in bed (if you enjoy that sort of thing...).

    Are they adjustable? They look as if they might be. That is a plus, in my book.

    I am not overly fond of crystal lamps, although they are beautiful. I've found them tough to keep clean (finger smudges and dust take their toll) although Waterford is always welcomed!

    Gilt is good. Very good. But, truly, I like a taller bedside lamp. Without looking at the height of your bed, the bedside tables, and the lamps, it's a little tough to know, but again... I like taller rather than shorter since bedrooms always seem to come off too horizontal unless you have some tall pieces (armoire, tallboy, tester bed, that sort of thing).

    Gosh! I didn't mean to write an essay! :blush:

  2. I like #2 the best. Not seeing this with the headboard and the true scale makes it hard. My 2nd choice is the #3 Crystal but I'm not so sure it's a great look with those night stands. #1 is too contemporary and skinny and #4 is too chunky!

  3. Hey I voted for number two nice to see I'm in the majority. What I did was read the top and then went through quickly after seeing the fabrics and what not and decided what seemed to fit best. There you go Deb!

  4. #1 and 2 are too weak for a master - unless the room is very small. #3 and 4 are more suited. They are heavier but because they are clear they add weight without being heavy. Overall I would choose #4.

  5. My favorite is #2. I like the more modern lines of it.

  6. Can't decide if I like 3 or 4 the most. Either way they are beautiful!
    Have a good weekend.

  7. I like # 3 the best....perhaps because I have used these lamps before! You need the height esp if the person is a reader and the visual balance they give to the bed. But the side table needs to be large enough to handle them and be functional as bedside tables or they'll look like towers. One thing....if window is behind the lamp, it can look odd.


  8. Hi All - Thanks for your opinions.

    Laura - Lamp #1 is adjustable, which is a plus. I didn't consider smudges/prints on the crystals lamps. Hmm, something else to keep clean...

    Liz - Lamp #2 is proving to be more popular than I guessed.

    Debra - I like your approach to decision making!

    Jane - Interesting. Lamp #4 is growing on me.

    Teresa - Thanks!

  9. 1. When thinking function in a boudoir one must consider that night time bedside lighting, for reading or lounging, must be kept at a lower height than might be used for a table top lamp. Nothing worse than starting to drift off only to feel the glare of the bulb in your eyes on on your face.

    2. The color of the #1 and 2 lamps limits your palette for other metals you may have/add in the room (hardware, hinges, drawer pulls). The antique brass appears weak against the wonderful textures in your flooring, fabrics and crispness of materials.

    3. The lines of lamps #1 & 2 are too skimpy, they have no character and "visual weight". Where as lamps #3 & 4 have more "heft" to their appearance. Do not underestimate the value of similar "scale" needed with textures and patterns. Skinny only plays well when you're on a diet! For that reason numbers 3 & 4 would be a better match for your other materials.

    4. Although lamp #3 would add some sparkle to your room there are other ways to contribute sparkle to a room than through lamps that need to be wiped down on a regular basis for fingerprints....

    5. Clear lamps (clear anything ex: lucite table) tend to disappear. Most bedrooms are not rife with accessories and accessories are needed to make a room feel personal. Therefore that means each and every element needs to add to the rooms personality. Clear lamps should be used when you already have enough color and pattern in play....

    5. Lamps #4 make the best statement, plays the best with your color palette and contribute to the warmth, depth, and weight of the room while complimenting all your textures.

    **Notice how the brocade in the spread "pops" along side the #4 lamp.

  10. Oh, #1, all the way. Its lines are completely compatible with the proportions and scale of the night tables. And those sweet little shades set the whole tableau off most charmingly.

  11. Anonymous - Interesting points you raise here. Thanks for the thoughtful comments. One correction - the fabric shown is a representation of the headboard, not a bed spread.

    Scone - "Catalog Retail feeling"? Really? The room is an original concept. It's certainly not Pottery Barn / Restoration Hardware (and not that I have anything against retail).


  12. I voted for #1 (had a Saladino vibe to it) and I also like #2, especially the base. Feels warmer to me than the crystal lamps. Love your design scheme - definitely NOT PB or RH.

  13. The room is very pretty and timeless. You may want to consider swing arm sconces freeing up usable space on the nigh stands. Just a thought. :)

  14. Gorgeous inspiration board! Love the classy feel about it. Enjoy the fabulous day, Kellie xx

  15. That fabric you are using for the headboard is dreamy. I love everything. The patterns, texture and color are sublime. You know what is funny? The widget that shows "you might also like..." showed a pair of rusty iron lamps, and they looked really good next to your board!
    I vote for them =)
    xo isa

  16. how cool, the bedroom will be great. I agree with the poll, to me the best lamps are number 2

  17. It's going to be wonderful. Love all of the elements...some of my very favorites, and the lamps in the second image I adore. Love the gild and the size is perfect!!

  18. Hi,

    I am fairly new to blogging and didn't see you had a comment box beneath this post. I saw your facebook page and left my comment re the lamps on there sorry.

    I was saying I had just done a bedroom makeover myself. I used some old French shutters to put behind a bed. I chose some simple white washed slender lamps but realise in hindsight that they were not tall enough as the light is much better shining "down" from above when you are in bed reading rather than the same level as yourself. So... with this in mind I would choose the first lamps, the tall slender ones you have chosen, they are elegant and would work perfectly.

    I love everything you have chosen, you have a real eye for detail. My colours are very similar to yours. The quilt I used in my makeover was because a company provided it for the shoot. However, I have gone with a plain white duvet edged with some beige embroidered leafs and white euros with duck egg blue shams to match the French shutters. Hope you get a chance to take a look I think if you click on my name it might take you to my page and you will see my makeover on the right hand sidebar as a small icon.

    Can't wait to see what you do next :)

  19. Best suited lamps on fourth photo, because the rounded pole perfect to texture on fabric for headboard

  20. Dahhhling, I think the 2nd options it the best one. I also prefer the alternate fabric choice for your headboard, where the background is lighter & the pattern is the darker tone it looks better with your side tables.

  21. My opinion:
    #1 is too skinny and # is too wide.
    The lamps in #2 are a better fit for the nightstands than #3, but I personally prefer the #3 lamps. I think they are a good balance between skinny and chunky, and look better.

    Overall, I'd go with #3. :)


  22. Oops! I meant #4 is too wide!


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