A Designer's French Chateau

I hope you don't mind another Charles Spada post, but I thought you'd enjoy these photos of his Normandy, France home as much as I did.  All photos are from the Polish magazine Weranda  (photography by Andreas von Einsiedel/East News). 

The exterior of the chateau, formerly a hunting lodge.

The incredible chandelier is original to the chateau.

The walls are a warm, soft gray and the wood floors are laid in a classic herringbone pattern.

Antique framed prints, animal print fabric and touches of damask highlight the main room.

A bold leopard print fabric covers this sofa.  I think one needs a room this large (and a skilled interior designer like Charles Spada) to comfortably pull this off.  

This French baker's table and plates accent a dining room wall.

A larger collection of plates dominates another wall.  On the left, you can see the gray checked drapes at the window.


A charming kitchen with brick floor, large hearth and modern stove.


A collection of creamware (or is it ironstone?)

Here's a peek of the pretty gray and blue toile fabric of one of the bedrooms.


More antique prints and frames.

Plenty of reading material....

And here's a small WC tucked behind a paneled wall in the bedroom. 

Visit the Weranda link above in Google and you can translate the magazine article into English.  Enjoy!


  1. Deb,
    As always, a beautiful post! I love the wood floors and the gray against the fireplace. The leopard sofa is to die for!
    This home is so warm, and I can picture myself in this kitchen.
    Hope that your week is going well.

  2. This is truly beautiful, love all the soft colors, and even the leopard sofa when viewed as part of the entire room. Close-up, that sofa is hideous. :)'s

  3. Beautiful post. We love this home...there is so much to love here! Going to save a few pictures for inspirations.

  4. I've had a miserable week but it's totally disappeared dear Deborah now I've had ome almighty drool over this gorgeous post. Thank you lovely girl!!
    Millie x

  5. Beautiful post, beautiful home! Love the plates in the dining room!

    So glad to have found your blog!


  6. Hey Deb...Are you kidding bore us to death if you wish as long as it has some Charles Spada! Love his home! I hope you're enjoying your Sunday!

  7. Oh Deborah!! What can I say!! So long ago that I visited you!! Sorry my friend!! It was not my intention!! But now I subscribed to your blog so I can't miss any of your posts anymore!!
    And what a gorgeous post here today!!Oh my gosh!! Very inspirational to me all these woodpaneling! Thank you for sharing! I filed the pictures!
    I really thank you for your nice comment on my latest post Deborah!! I am coming back soon to you!! I am so glad you commented today!!
    A huge hug!!!!

  8. What a wonderful space. I could spend all day in that kitchen.

  9. How could one every get tired of looking at such beautiful design!! That Polish magazine was quite the find!!

  10. Just found your your blog. Greetings from LA, CA

  11. totally french country beauty at it's finest, elegant and love the muted tones, plates on wall, the lights, the bedding....amazing! Thanks for the perspective and happy to have found you. Best, Tamara of Nest by TAmara

  12. Oh,I love these images. I especially fancy the collection of dishes and prints on the walls.

    Just discovered you blog- so great!

  13. I think this home is very warm, lovely and looks comfortable, all at the same time. The use of gray throughout was a good thing. There is a lot of gray and white, but then there is the element of dark wood placed here and there. The home has a very weekend look, yet at the same time is all so formal. That is a hard feet to pull off. Thanks for sharing. I am your newest follower. I have found you through Cote De Texas. Please drop by soon for a visit. Richard at My Old Historic House.

  14. Oh my gosh I want that leopard print sofa or loveseat whatever it is!!!. Love it.. Love your blog too.

  15. What a truly beautiful home. It looks so invit ing, comfortable and lived in. I particularly love the bed in front of the bookshelves. I could hole up there for a month. Lovely post.

  16. Sooooo glad I didn't miss this one. I could make a comment about every room. Love, love the leopard sofa. Love the check curtains in the dining room and we have a set of tapestry chairs for sale that are almost identical to the ones here. Just so many lovely details. I want to scroll through again and save some. Lovely post. Mona

  17. I love how they used the gray and white with the warmer tones of wood. It creates a happier feel. Sometimes to much gray looks drab. I also like the leopard sofa. Fun..

  18. I love the gray. It looks like a restful home.

  19. Gorgeous interior! I love everything about it! So cozy, chic, classic modern design and most of all I love the sofa with bold leopard print! Great post, check out also3D Rendering

  20. This is a beautiful example of rustic elegance design at its best.
    I'm happy to have found your blog (via 'Infuse with Liz') and will definitely be following. I'd love for you to check out my blog if you have a chance.
    Have a great weekend!

  21. Absolutely ahhhdore the formal, grand & classic look of all the interiors dahhling! Just beautiful.


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