Green Pears, Pink Roses, Artichoke. By Raymond Han.  Demiurge.

Mother Nature, I'm waving the white flag. Enough with the snow, thank you.  Could we see some green outside before May, please?  At least I'm asking nicely.

The reality is that short of a trip to Maui, the landscape is not changing anytime soon. Spring color can only be cultivated indoors for now.  My choice is a citrus green that's refreshing, not shocking and maybe a hint of pink that's pleasing, not punchy. 

I've found  the following for inspiration and I say "inspiration" because most of these items will cost a winter's worth of snow removal service.

Skinner, Inc.

A brightly colored ceramic garden stool is a bold change from the typical white, blue and celadon varieties.

Diptyque Fig scented candle.  Happiness in a jar (although the same has been said about Nutella).

Pratesi bed linens with green chain trim. Luxurious and pretty although Lands End, Garnet Hill, Pottery Barn and other stores carry affordable versions. 

A soft green antique trumeau mirror instead of the usual white or gray trumeau

The sparkle of this emerald-colored crystal vanity set is dazzling, but you can find green glass accessories at flea markets and antique shops.

Watermelon green 1950's  Murano glass lamps.  These are unusual, but must be just as bright when they're off as when they're on. 

I'm not one for folklore, but Punxsutawney Phil didn't see his shadow this morning so apparently, we're due for an early spring.  At this point, I'm a believer. 


  1. What a beautiful painting!! The Dyptique fig candle is one of my favorites and love those fabulous murano lamps! Posted a funny tidbit on facebook in regards to my attitude towards the weather if you're interested.

  2. FABULOUS I love your posts

    also I like Lime green tiger chrythanumums and pale pink peonies

    Thankyou Spring wont be long now fay x

  3. That painting is something, those pears look amazing. I'm with you waving the white flag at Mother Nature and they're saying we're getting more snow on Saturday....ugh! I need any color other then white at this point.

    Stay warm!

  4. I'm with you on waving the flag, enough! Winter always takes longer than I want it to. I've recently put out green candles and I have my indoor garden of bulbs I planted that are growing now. I love to see green too. The Pratesi bed linens look so fresh and inviting and the emerald colored vanity set is so nice....ahh we need our dreams...

  5. I'll swap you ,I am over the heat most days for over a week have touched more than 90F just to hot !
    I love the Murano lamps they remind me of some I through away about 20 years ago oh the pain.

  6. Loved this escape from winter - I am with you and have had enough! Loved the mirror - really gorgeous!

  7. Thanks so much for including Swank Lighting in this post. Beautiful blog!
    Swank Lighting


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