What a Difference a Glaze Makes

I know this is not an exciting post packed with photos of gorgeous interiors, but I'm redoing my bedroom and decided to paint and glaze my bedside tables and wanted to share my triumph.  Mind you, these are made of inexpensive pine and were purchased years ago at an unfinished furniture store.  They have been painted two or three times before, but are handy since the draws hold the flotsam of my bedtime preparations--hand cream, lip balm,  television remote control.  You get the idea.

(Phew, no dust bunnies).  My long history of painting furniture has not been fruitful.  Everything ends up looking like, well, a piece of furniture with a fresh coat of paint on it.  Better than it was perhaps and yes, smooth, perfect and even. But too even and too one dimensional.  Behold the power of glaze.

Both tables have been painted a light gray and the one of the right has been treated to a dark brown glaze, achieved by tinting the glaze with artists acrylics.  I applied the glaze and after a few minutes, wiped it off with a rag.  The intended effect was a Swedish-antique look and I think they turned out pretty well.  Glazing is messy, but water soluble so easy to clean up.

So there you have it.  Special thanks to Stephanie at Mrs. Jones Painted Finishes for the tips and encouragement.  If you haven't seen Stephanie's blog be sure to visit for DIY inspiration.  Her skill with a paint brush is remarkable.


  1. hi deborah,

    love the glaze, it is remarkable what it can add to a painted finish.

    i'm really loving your floors though. egad! they are gorgeous. how old is your home b/c they look really old. they actually look like mine.


  2. Hi Janet - Thanks. The house was built around 1865. I think the pine floors on the second floor are the only feature left from that time. Everything else was "modernized". I wish the house still had more original details such as a marble fireplace mantel.

  3. Wow Deborah, what a lovely transformation! This is a very timely post, as I've been umming & aarhing about doing something similar with our dark wood tables. The bedroom reno. is finished & is looking swisho, but the tables aren't right now. Time to act during my upcoming Summer vacation, so I'll definitely be heading over to Stephanie's for some extra tips.
    Millie ^_^

  4. what a the subtle change, adds so much depth.
    thank you deborah for mrs. jones blog, just what i need for my gazillion projects

  5. bravo, deborah! great work! you're hired!
    thanks for the love. keep up the good work.

    xox stephanie

  6. Success!! Congratulations on the makeover. You managed to get a whole new look without spending major $$. I am always up for that!

    The glaze give the piece some warmth. Without it, it looks to "flat" to me. Thanks for sharing your tips on what you did. It's given me an idea for a solid black chest--I'd like to try the same technique. THX! Simone

  7. Amazing a glaze!!

  8. I love a glazed finish. My home is filled with them. They add so much warmth. Good job. Mona

  9. Deborah - great job on the tables. And I love the floors too!

  10. Lovely work on the tables! I can't wait to see the entire room!


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