The Highlight of My Week

We went to Ina Garten's book signing at Williams Sonoma yesterday for How Easy is That?, her latest cookbook.  We cheerfully waited in line for two hours to see Ina and let me tell you, I've never waited two hours in line for anything.  Ina Garten was just as I imagined. She was genuine and gracious, even after signing about 900 books with another 400 to go.

 I was a little star struck so all I could say was thank you as she signed my book, smiled warmly, thanked me for waiting and said she hoped I'd enjoy the book.  I couldn't muster the courage to say that her mushroom lasagna is one of my favorites and that her show is the best.  If you gave the nice people at Williams Sonoma your camera, they would snap a photo while you stood at the table and Ina signed your book. Unfortunately, the photo on my Blackberry didn't do Ina or me justice, so I've posted her book cover instead. 

If you're an Ina fan, visit her website  for details about the book tour.  It was a fun (and easy!) experience. 

How Easy is That? published by Clarkson Potter.  Photo by Quentin Bacon.


  1. I LOVE Ina. She's one of only two people on Food Network I can watch. (Nigella Lawson is the other but don't get me started.) I once ran into Julia Child in a hardware store and I was frozen with fear for some reason. Not only was she incredibly tall, she had a huge presence and I couldn't think a thing to say other than "Hi, Mrs. Child." I think my voice cracked too.

    I would have been the same with Ina.

  2. I'm an Ina fan and lucky you!!! Funny but I'm giong to use one of her recipes for dinner tonight, love them!

  3. I have several of Ina's books and love them all. Her show is also one of my favorites. She seems so genuine on tv it is nice to know she is the same in person. I will have to add her new book to my Christmas list.

  4. hi deborah,

    lucky duck. i love ina. when i was catering i used many of her recipes. i once sent her an email telling her how much her recipes had helped me in my business and she answered or at least her assistant answered but anyway she was very sweet.


  5. Receiving Ina's book was the highlight of my week too. Since she is not touring anywhere near me I called her office and ordered a signed book. It wouldn't ship until the release date so I couldn't help myself, I went and bought the book at the book store. I couldn't wait to get a look at the book. I will give it as a gift.

    I met Ina at one of her book signings in Atlanta when the Paris book was released. Like you I was star struck and couldn't think of a thing to say but I enjoyed every moment. They wouldn't allow camera's so I always comply with rules and didn't get a pic. I know you enjoyed meeting her and I found her to be so down to earth.

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  6. I am a huge Ina fan. I just adore everything about her and dear Jeffrey too. I bet she is a doll. I want to be her friend and have lunch with her and her florist every day! : )

    I read about this book somewhere (House Beautiful?) and want it too. Added to my Xmas list. Usually her recipes have a pound of butter, so I am hoping these are a little simpler and less dangerous.

    So lucky you got to see Ina and sorry the photo didn't turn out. You made my day with this post! : )

    xo Terri

  7. I stood in line for as long at a Chicago Crate and Barrel when Ina's last book was released. My friend and I still talk about it. She is as you see her on her show.

    I just bought this one, yesterday, and devoured it last night. Ina Garten has never, ever disappointed me with her recipes and easy approach to cooking. How Easy is That now holds a spot next to six others and soon I am sure sticky notes will be sticking out of pages on this one as well. (I was secretly preening with pride that Ina uses sticky notes as much as I do - haha!)

  8. i have met ina a few times and she is always so gracious, kind and genuine.
    i cannot imagine sitting for hours signing books... but that is who she is... and thankful to all of of many fans... cannot wait to get the book! xx

  9. Urban Cottage - Good to know I'm not alone with my star struck state.

    Acquired Objects - I use her recipes fairly often too, especially the desserts!

    Red Door Home - You'll probably enjoy her latest book too.

    Janet - That's good to know that she or her assistant sent you such a nice response. You never know, maybe it was Ina!

    Southern Cook - It was nice that Ina seemed so down to earth.

    Terri - I secretly wish Ina was my friend too.

    Lifeonthecutoff - I'm already looking forward to her next book and signing...

    Red Ticking - How fun that you have met Ina Garten in person. I can't imagine signing 1,300 books in two and a half hours either. She seems very appreciative of her fans.

  10. I adore Ina! I, too, have met her at one of her booksignings! She was indeed everything she appears to be on tv. Her recipes are the best!
    Lucky you!


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