I Had It All Figured Out

Charles Spada Interiors, via, Eric Roth Photography

So, I had a plan for redecorating my bedroom (see previous posts if interested) and then I find this image and realize I may have to start over.  Why is it so hard to make decisions about decorating my own house?

 On one hand, I am drawn to antique furniture, time worn charm, and gilt finishes.  On the other hand, I admire rooms which combine antiques with contemporary furnishings and the designers who skillfully blend pieces from different eras to create perfect harmony.  The contrast of antiques next to contemporary pieces, like the chair and chest above, always surprises me and captures my attention, inviting me to look, study, and wonder. 

There's a complexity to rooms like these unlike those completely furnished with pieces from the same era.  I think the bottom line is that I like my life to be simple and predictable, but I favor rooms that are decorated to highlight contrast and complexity.

That's not too much to ask, is it?


  1. good luck with that one deborah!

    i quit trying to figure it all out b/c it was driving me crazy too.


  2. Deborah, just beautiful, I too like to see the complexity of a mix of styles and eras.

    Art by Karena

  3. I feel your pain! I have SO many pages pulled from magazines that go into my "dream house" file. I wouldn't know where to start. I just find ONE piece that I love and then decorate around it. That's what I do with my clients too. Works for me! :)

  4. We all have a tough time making decisions about our homes because we're to personally involved. I can decorate someone's home at the drop of a hat, my own is still lagging after fourteen years since I change my mind all the time. These blogs with all there wonderful pictures don't help me any either but I love them!

  5. You are singing to the choir on that one!
    I work with color all day and get home to work on my own projects and scrap all of the paint samples I had painted the day before.
    Currently, my indecisiveness has caused a major clog in our house renovation...I can't decide on my kitchen cabinet style!
    So, I wish you much luck on your bedroom dilimma...I have no grest answers!

  6. This is so funny.
    I feel the same way.I started reading your posts because I am trying to redo my bedroom too. The picture in this post is close to what I am thinking for myself.
    Right now (this is subject to change) I am thinking of a pale gray painted wall, white trim. Sometimes I think I want pale tan/taupe ceiling.I want an upholstered headboard with nickel nail head trim tufting..but a slighting curve or cut out on the sides. I thought I wanted a warm taupe fabric for headboard,... BUT I already have some great WHITE upholstery textured expensive fabric I think I might use. I have two mercury glass lamps that are contemporary, but have patterned traditional fabric shades. The shade fabric is gray,tan/taupe,ice blue. It isnt what I planned I just kind of ended up with them. I also have two carved cream alabaster lamps I could use.

    So what I am thinking is:
    I will use the clean line headboard, the modern mercury lamps and two traditional chests for side tables and then modern chairs. I think I will use mainly white on the bedding but add tan/taupe/gray, pale blue in pillows etc. I will have one wall that is mainly drapes,so I will use the tan/ taupe color for drapes ,with white sheers. I already have fabric I could use for the drapes.I will use JCPenny for the white sheers. (cheap)
    The concept I started with is to do a gray, tan/taupe room with silver accents. I have have not found chests I wish to use. I think the right traditional chest will bring it all together... but I have not found anything yet,
    SO I HAVE DONE NOTHING. I have the paint and fabric sitting in the garage and the mercury lamps are sitting on an antique oak chest and look very silly.
    Sometimes I want black chests and sometimes white washed dark wood and sometimes pale blue painted, sometime foil silver chests with the albaster lamps?....etc etc.... So I am reading your posts hoping it will all become clear

  7. Deborah, I love the insights in this post. I have been thinking of posting the same sort of post this weekend. I am so conflicted in my style and it has been brought to a head by a potential painting acquisition which is very much one style but not the other. I am afraid of going down the wrong path and spending a lot of money on art that is in the wrong direction. But it is a work I love by an artist I love.

    I am so confused. I tend to waffle between old-world, classic style (say Charles Spada or Mariette Himes Gomez) with lots of light and darnk contrast and greyed out colours versus and a more lighter, prettier style with more pastels and white and airiness.

    The painting under consideration is dark and moody and fits firmly in the first camp. Yet I love these light, pretty rooms...

    Schizophrenic indeed.

    Good luck with your progress. Mine has ground to a halt a long time ago...

    P.S. Wish we could visit - I know we'd be fast friends!
    xo Terri

  8. Thanks all! You are so nice to comment. It's good to know we all face the same decorating dilemmas now and then. And Terri - I agree. If you ever come east to Maine or Boston, we must make a plan to meet.

  9. It seems we all suffer from the same illness. The problem is that there are just so many beautiful options out there and most of us don't have money for do overs. I had a dear friend who once told me while building her house that she had learned to make the best choice you can with all the information you have and then make that choice be the RIGHT choice. In other words don't second guess yourself with what ifs. Just go forward and build on that choice nd ot all comes together in the end. I can't tell you often I have used this in my own life and it helps. Now how to make that first choice?!?!?

  10. Maybe adding one element that doesn't belong is the answer for your bedroom?

  11. I just discovered our blog... love it... Fay

  12. maybe call Charles Spada?!!!!:)
    I hear you... I'm a year out on getting our master decorated! Just took a chaise I purchased over a year ago to the upholsterer....
    so I feel your pain!
    hope all is well and you are enjoying this Fall weather!

  13. I think the problem is that we all have an appreciation for good design. It's a problem because we like to weave our own tastes into our homes and yet we want to have a cohesive presentation for the entire house.

    I've read before how we should spend the time (and money) to have a beautiful, restful master bedroom. I haven't done anything for a year, waiting to find the perfect things.

    You're on the right track, and picking Wonderful Inspiration Rooms! Keep us posted!

  14. It's just all in the mix. I love, love the image you have shown. A very fresh mix!

  15. It's the design lovers curse !! Thank Goodness I am not alone.

  16. I so agree about how you feel...I adore little snugs yet FAB complexity of a mix and style...and the images you chose are stunning As well as the Fabric!Great inspirational Post!Love your blog soo much.Thanks.


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