Black and White

Some of my favorite things from Pinterest, here

If my favorite images are an indication of my favorite colors, then black and white are the winners.  I'm not a shoe person, but the few pairs I have are black.  My favorite bags are black and I dread putting them away in the summer.   Black sweaters and white shirts overtake my closets. Winter is longer when it's still cold in May and my black coats keep me warmer longer than they should.   

There's not much black outside of my closets.  As much as I'm intrigued by Cy Twombly, would I want a black painting in my home (even if I could afford it)?  Or would I curl up on the sofa with a black throw?  Some say that black is the punctuation mark in a room.  If that is the case, my rooms are run-on sentences.  Loads of white, no black.

So, maybe I should add some black to my rooms, although it seems strange with the hot, hot, hot weather in Boston right now (this is not a complaint).

So that is all for today. A random post about black and white.

Maybe the heat is getting to me.



  1. I love black and white too, Deborah, but could never live with only those colors. I do love when people are brave enough to paint interior doors black - looks so chic, but I always think it would be so difficult to cover if I didn't like it. Indecisive appears to be my middle name.

    By the by your cat is beautiful.

  2. I adore all things black and fact I am wearing black and white right now.
    Wishing you a happy September.


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