Neff Architecture
Doesn't this look like a peaceful place to spend a summer weekend?  All this talk about Ina has me thinking about barns in New York. 

The scene would make a great painting too, but I'll to leave that to someone else as I can only paint on walls (with a roller).  


  1. In my next life, I want to live in a barn.....with one room for everything, except for the bathrooms and bedrooms. I already know how I'd decorate it. Doesn't even have to be a big barn....something simple with tall ceilings :-)

  2. Perfection. Ina's barn is pretty great, but I could make do quite happily with this. It is the essence of Summer. All best, Phyllis

  3. I would love to have a barn like this, and the farm land and lovely home to go with it. So pretty.

  4. It does look inviting!
    Dreams are a good thing!

  5. Grand image + want to live in a Barn with high ceilings one of these days

  6. oh do i wish my shingles were not painted and were this lovely faded gray. ahhh.

    deborah do you know that all the comments you leave me from your boxwood blog end up in my spam? isn't that weird?

  7. Gorgeous! The door is just stunning. Have a lovely weekend ahead, Kellie xx


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