To Paint or Not to Paint

Miki Duisterhof, Country Living

It seems lately that wherever I look there are images of homes with creamy white painted walls. There's a whole world out there of white walls that are not overly bright, sterile or bland. If my walls were just the perfect shade of white, I would finally be satisfied with my house. And I long to have this perfect white on my walls. Now. But, there's really nothing wrong with the wall color. It's a quiet neutral taupe that works just fine with everything in the house.

via the blog Belgian Pearls

Yet, I want to paint. But, I'm trying to talk myself out of it. And with good reason too as summer is approaching and why should I be stuck in the house prepping and painting when there are beaches to walk, antique stores to shop, and tennis to play.

Charles Spada Interiors / This Old House
So, to get beyond my infatuation with white walls I looked through my favorite of images that feature warm, taupe colored walls.

Laura Bohn
I see my home in a new way now and focus less on the wall color.
Eric Prokesh, Southern Accents
And more on the furnishings, lighting and accessories in the room.

Amelia Handegan, Southern Accents

This little exercise has convinced me not to repaint the entire house or even part of the house white.
Charles Spada Interiors / This Old House
It's lead me to realize that what my house needs is not a new paint color, but more oomph. Pizazz. A hint of color. Contrast. Texture. Interest.

My Living Room
All on a tight budget, naturally. But, I'll get there eventually.


  1. Oh you silly!!! Add a bunch of baskets, fill them with reeds, dried flowers, raffia bows, big bowls of fresh flowers, relax - it's summer !!
    Come see my post about decorating au's perfect for you right now. xx's

  2. HI I so agree as a serial renovator who's about to hang up her paint brush. I'm sick of painting and working on the next change. I love my home but it real is time to step back and enjoy.I'm goning to look hard at re-arranging and layering.
    Kind Regards

  3. I also think for a long time before repainting in the house. IN the end you just have to go for it, and if you really hate it, then roll up your sleeves and start again!!
    If you're wanting our opinions, I think all white would feel harsh after having lived in such soothing muted tones.
    All the photos are lovely including the last one of your room

  4. hi deborah,

    you are so right in your decision. reading blogs compels us to change. change, change, change. give us something new!

    i love your decision to embrace what you've got. the little i've seen of your home is very beautiful. it has a serene and peaceful look to it. i love it as it is.

    this past summer i painted the whole house white and i don't regret it but i don't think i'd do it again as i'm learning to be at peace with what i've got. this post is a great reminder that living a beautiful life encompasses more than decorating!


  5. I think you are halfway there with your own livingroom.
    The colors, and fabrics seem neutral enough. Now inject your personality into the mix and you will have a winning look for you as well as others who visit.

    Go out and enjoy your summer too! Decor should be fun!


  6. Hi Deborah,

    The room for which you are seeking the designer and source was decorated by Eric Prokesh. The source is Southern Accents.

    Ah, so many beautiful colors, so little time. You'll just have to decide what will make you happier - the perfect paint color or walks on the beach.

    Good luck with your decision!

  7. :) Since I am right NOW painting my formica counters in the kitchen, trust me, go with the accessories!! painting is always way more work than you think. You can always paint later, like when it's raining days on end. xo Lidy

  8. beautiful livingroom...just as it is---isn't the grass just always greener...

  9. Paint, now, not tomorrow, now. Go find just the color white you need. That is the word - NEED. Color is so important to one's mental health. It can make your day rain or shine. Once the walls are the color you need you can relax, take that walk confident that upon your return the walls that form your home are just exactly the way you want them to be, white. The perfect white, chosen by you, appreciated by you. What more does a woman need? Ann

  10. Oh woooow, Thank goodness there is some one out there just like me! I seem to spend my days trying to find just the right shade of white, off white, old white, lime white. Ekkkks It is so difficult, just a chalky warm white that has a bit of depth. I just don't know. Our Living room has been 5 different colours in 2 years, constantly striving to find just the right shade. I have come to the conclusion it just does not exsist ( It's only in the movies or should that been interior magazine shots.)
    Many thanks for your super blog, so full of inspiration
    Emma x

  11. Thanks for the comments! It's great to know there are others who go through the same thing with decorating, paint colors and everything else that goes into a home. This is what I love about blogging! I'm definitely hanging up my paint brushes and rollers for awhile (unless of course, there's a small piece of furniture that needs a quick makeover....)

  12. Great post showing how you processed your thoughts. I like to see that. I have to have color in my world I am afraid if I had an all white room or all neutral room I would keep adding things to bring in color. I am a Spring color girl, it makes me happy. Just keep what makes you happy. Blog land is full of wonderful rooms and ideas but it will drive us all crazy trying to keep up. I just did a post today on Spring fever and blogland has definitely influenced some of my activity. I like your priorities. Tennis walks on the beach so much more fun than painting, happy Wednesday,Kathysue

  13. I LOVE this post. I feel like a kindred spirit. I see all the fabulous images of rooms painted entirely white and I swoon. They are wonderful. We just built our dream home and the walls are NOT white. They are plastered and a cream color with a glaze that turns them a very soft gold. I love them. That is until I spend a few hours blogging and then I question myself. Did I make a mistake? This post confirms , I did not! Thank-you

  14. Add some color, Your home should reflect your personality.

  15. Deborah, your house is just exquisite as it is, but it is natural to grow a bit tired of familiar surroundings! Creamy white walls would look great, but save it for autumn when summer is fading and you really need a pick-me-up. And maybe by then, you will have forgotten. I can't tell you how often I totally redecorate a room in my mind!

    Good luck with your updates, but take it slow and figure out what few things will work - a few more white things? A few blue things? A few patterned things?

    I just realized the other day in my white and cream and green living room that RASPBERRY would look amazing in there. I was flipping through a magazine and there was this hot pink painting in the picture and I realized that ONE thing would transform my room!!!!

    So it doesn't always take a total overhaul.

    By the way I love the pattern on that (blue?) pillow in your last picture. Gorgeous - what is that fabric?

    P.S. I owe you an email - you sent a nice long one to my office and I never wrote back. I was so happy to see you are a busy careerist like me...!

    xo Terri

  16. I think your wall color is perfect and your house is lovely. Invest in a piece of art?? And enjoy your summer!
    AK xx

  17. I completely agree with your assessment about taupe and the tranquility it evokes. I also think it's important to enjoy summer while it last. That's why I'm trying to get everything pained before the end of June. Thanks for the inspiration!

  18. Hi Deborah,
    I loved reading about your thoughts! And the pictures are all wonderful!I also love the warm taupe colours!! I think they are never boring!
    PS Thank you so much for stopping by and for your nice comment!


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