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Things have been busy here between our honeymoon in  Bermuda, a trip to Seattle to visit friends and work on the house.  It's been a fun spring (except for the New England weather) and we've gotten a lot accomplished at the house. We've been painting and I've been redoing the bedroom and choosing new furniture and fabrics for the living room--more about that in future posts.

Although our travels started in Bermuda, I couldn't help but lead with this photo I took of a Camellia in bloom at the Japanese Tea Garden at the Washington Park Arboretum. More about that below.

Jon and I honeymooned in Bermuda in early April and it was everything we imagined it would be.  We stayed at a tennis club on the island and I took this photo from our table on the terrace where we had lunch everyday.  It's paradise, if you ask  me. Jon and I want to visit Bermuda once a year, if possible.  It's only a one and one-half hour flight from Boston, which makes it an ideal get-away.

In mid-April we flew to Seattle, Washington to visit friends.  During our stay, our friends took us to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. Tulips of all colors are grown in these vast fields and then harvested and shipped to stores throughout the country.  The Cascade Mountains are in the background.

The festival features an extensive garden planted with thousands of tulips in many varieties and colors.  Wherever I looked there was a blanket of color. This was a welcome sight after a long gray winter in Boston.

I was completely awed by the color combinations. 

Dancing flames of red, pink, and orange.  It was hard to take a bad photo in this garden.  We were surrounded by beauty.

Pretty ruffles of white petals are accented by soft-pink blooms and bright blue Muscari.

The sea of color goes on and on...

This tulip reminds me of a peony, with its broad, rounded petals and variegated pink and white color.

I couldn't get enough of the pink tulips...

...especially when paired with a hot orange variety.  Pink and orange is a spectacular combination.

Cool, quiet purple and green.

More white ruffles

How about lavender and bright yellow for a change?

A mass of traditional yellow and red tulips against a weathered fence

More tulips. Thanks for hanging in there with me--I'm almost done.

 This white tulip with unusual furled petals is "Liberstar" and it's one of my favorites.
The next day, we visited the Japanese Tea Garden at the Washington Park Arboretum.  I only have a few photos of the garden as they didn't turn out very well.  It's the most peaceful and beautiful garden I've visited.

I like the contrast of the purple Azalea against the gray-green mossy ground and trees.

I took all the photos on my iphone and for some reason, the photos of the Japanese garden all look muted.   

And lastly, our friends took this photo of Jon and me at the garden.  Very Zen, don't you think? I realize that's Chinese, not Japanese, but I think you get the idea.
Thanks for following along.  No more tourist photos next time--I promise.


  1. Those tulips - divine!!! And Bermuda, not bad! :) Looks like you had a wonderful April. Welcome back, Deborah. Can't wait to see the house updates. Cheers!

  2. Congratulations on your wedding! Looks like you picked a wonderful honeymoon spot. The visit to the garden with tulips was amazing and so was the Chinese garden. That's a lovely picture of you and your new spouse!

  3. Oh so glad you've had some great holidays Deborah, and congrats again to you and Jon on your wedding and honeymoon and the beginning of what looks like a beautiful adventure. Bermuda sounds like a dream - and I hadn't realized it was such a short flight. Yes, you must go every year!!! Loved seeing the tulips too. And dying to see more of your house and your lovely clean and classic taste. xo Terri

  4. So that's where you have been - getting married and honeymooning. So many congratulations, Deborah. You and Jon look so beautifully happy in the Japanese garden. Been there several times when my daughter lived there and it is a great garden [but we never looked as sweet as you and Jon :)].

    And to honeymoon in Bermuda - how wonderful. You should go back every year.

    Much happiness to you and Jon, but I'm selfishly glad you are back to your blog again.

  5. Wow those tulips are beautiful. I'd love to go see them.

  6. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos and experiences - missed your posts - can't wait to see the house updates!

  7. You have brightened my day so much with these radiant and lush images!
    So happy to visit and hope to see you soon Deborah!

    The Arts by Karena

  8. Hi Deborah, I have just discovered your blog, but have been following you on Pintrist for about a year and was so happy to see that you had visited my home state. I live just north of the Skagit Valley and visit the tulip festival whenever I can. Your photos are beautiful and remind me of how fortunate I am to live in such a beautiful part of the country. Thank you for sharing your interests and talent and for showcasing the lovely and simple tulip. Best wishes and congratulations on your new marriage. Blessings, Danielle


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