Ina Garten's Napa Valley Kitchen

If you're a fan of Ina Garten's, you probably saw the Barefoot Contessa episodes that were filmed in Napa Valley, California, where Ina and her husband Jeffrey were apparently vacationing.

I was taken not only with Ina's recipes in this series, but also with the kitchen where the episodes were filmed. 

  By the way, the California sunshine looks so inviting that I could have pressed my face against my monitor to soak up some warmth, but managed to restrain myself.  I'm not complaining, but it's January in Boston and with the Polar Vortex and all that, I'm starved for sunshine right now. 

Anyway, a little Internet research yielded the house in Napa Valley where the Barefoot Contessa episodes were filmed.  I've convinced myself that this is  my dream house.  Doesn't this look like a fantastic place to have al fresco breakfast, lunch, and dinner?  The entrance to the kitchen is under the pergola.

This looks like a lovely space to relax with a book and take a nap after lunch.  The website shows the interior of this outbuilding, which is empty, so I haven't included the photo.

Here's the table where Ina and Jeffrey ate lunch and dinner.  Look at that grill in the background.  I can imagine grilling porterhouse steaks for dinner.  Tyler Florence makes an appearance in one of the episodes and prepares steak for Ina at one of his restaurants.

The dining area has plenty of built-in cabinets for storage.  This wasn't shown in the episodes, but it's so pretty, I had to include it.

Ah, the kitchen at last.  I do love this.  The dark (granite?) counter tops are similar to those in Ina's East Hampton barn.  One of my favorite features is the set of pocket doors that leads directly to the patio.  It's perfect for entertaining, isn't it?

The gas cook top is housed in a butcher block island.  And the sunshine....nothing like bringing the outdoors in. 

Another view of the island....

This is my favorite view and one that I remember clearly from the episodes, although the rustic island is not visible on the show.  Do you think that's a Sub Zero refrigerator?  It appears to have a chalkboard finish (and that was my guess from watching the show), but could that be true?  Any ideas?  Whatever it is, the refrigerator is on my wish list.

The photos of the house are from the website of Mint Locations, which represents exceptional properties in Northern California for film and photo shoots.  They have wonderful homes to view if you have some free time and want to see more of this home.



  1. How darling!!!! It'd be wonderful to stay there, too bad it is only for photo shoots!

  2. It's so charming, both inside and out! I love the rustic shop counter as island - unexpected and very cool. If I had a kitchen like that, I would learn to cook :)

  3. Very nice indeed! Yes I think it's a sub-zero refrig. Perhaps they had a chalk board panel inserted in place of the stainless steel. I like all the light that comes in there. I would float from the kitchen to the pathway and garden area while drinking some coffee each morning. Evenings with wine and something grilled!
    You and I are in the same boat regarding sunshine! I can take the snow we get, and the cold but all the gray days sure tax my soul. It's snowing here yet again...and the gray dome is over us once more! I know spring isn't too far away and better days will come!

  4. I like the island, too. It is gorgeous! True beauty lies in the simplicity ... Lovely blog!

  5. Love the kitchen, what a dream...

    Sheila in SF

  6. Thank you so much, I have been looking for this, as I love it as well.

  7. I'd say this looks like a perfect house and just your taste - white and crisp and clean and classic. xo Terri

  8. Excellent sleuthing to find the location! I hadn't watched the Barefoot Contessa's latest series (will now) but I recognized a corner of the same kitchen from an image I'd only recently harvested for my files from BHG's website, found here:

    I immediately recognized that rustic island & those baskets under the stairs on shelves that look like they were sized to accommodate them.

    Thanks for tracking this house down for us!

  9. what a get present it would be to cook in the same kitchen as ina


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