Christmas in Boston

Gregory Van Boven Interiors.  Photo by Eric Roth. Traditional Home Magazine, Holiday 2010

I've mentioned how much I like to stroll through Beacon Hill in the summer and at Christmastime more often than I can count.  The exteriors of the stately homes are festively decorated at this time of year with wreaths, swags of boxwood, and miniature spruce.  There is much to admire about the exteriors, but I'm always wondering how the interiors are decorated too.

Gregory Van Boven Interiors. Photo by Eric Roth.  Traditional Home Magazine, Holiday 2010

My curiosity was partially satisfied when Traditional Home featured the Beacon Hill home of designer Gregory Van Boven in its Holiday 2010 issue.  I've been browsing that issue again and enjoying Mr. Van Boven's taste in decor and Christmas decorating.  The Christmas tree is a stunner and is there anything cuter than a Yorkshire terrier in a red bow, (except for my Baxter and Bailey, pictured at right)?

Gregory Van Boven Interiors.  Photo by Eric Roth. Traditional Home Magazine, Holiday 2010
 I haven't decorated with red at Christmas in years, (I've been in a silver and taupe phase), but the touches of red throughout Mr. Van Boven's home make me nostalgic for a red and green Christmas. 

Gregory Van Boven Interiors.  Photo by Eric Roth.  Traditional Home Magazine, Holiday 2010

And here is the home's classic Beacon Hill door.  According to the magazine, Mr. Van Boven throws a large open house Christmas party every year.  It looks like the perfect home for entertaining. 

P.S. These older issues of Traditional Home are stand-outs to me, but I do recognize the need for original material now and then.  Otherwise, I will have to rename the blog, "Traditional Home Redux."


  1. I love these photos. Keep them coming! :D

    xo Terri

  2. Just beautiful and what a tree! That is a stunner. I love the front door as well - gorgeous.
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Very beautiful and so tailored. I love the red with this neutral palette. And what a fabulous headboard and bed skirt. The old glass panes in the transom above the front door are charming. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Lovely! A most gorgeous tree and stunning interiors! More like this, please old or new!

  5. Stunning, keep those photos coming. So nice to know you walk in his neighborhood. Grand post.

  6. We all need a little break from original images from time to time. Besides, while I most certainly got this issue back in 2010, it strikes me as one to go back and take a look at...this home appeals to my more natural decoration bent this year. I love the red bulbs in the tree in the one image!
    Enjoy your weekend.

  7. Thanks, all for such nice comments. Much appreciated!

    Happy Weekend,

  8. Before moving to Hingham, my son and daughter-in-law lived in Beacon Hill. When visiting them, we loved viewing all the Christmas decor on the hill, and we all had our favorite homes and doors. Thanks, Deborah, for bringing back those seasonal memories.
    Enjoy your week-end and Christmas browsing.

  9. I love the red and the simple Christmas decor....That is what I'm going for this year..Simple, but sophisticated....

  10. oh how i would love to be in boston for christmas, my favorite american city

    christmas blessings sent your way

  11. i love the christmas balls in the planter pot!


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