Chinese Blue and White Garden Seats

 I am in the market for some pretty blue and white ceramic garden seats for my living room.  These fine examples were sold by Skinner Auctioneers & Appraisers (here in Boston).  I have been tempted to buy a mass produced version online for $100 or less, but the real thing can also be had for a reasonable price, as you'll see here. I've included the expensive stools too because they are too beautiful to overlook.

  My favorites.  This pair sold for a reasonable $356.

How about two seats plus an umbrella stand for $88?  All modern pieces and not antiques, but an excellent buy.

My second favorites because of their delicate beauty and price.  Sold for $95. 

Stunning, but sold for $3,185.

Alas, $2,252

This bold pair sold for $1,715. 

So, I will try to sit tight, hold onto my wallet and wait  for a unique and reasonably priced piece at Skinner.  I hope it won't be a long wait.


  1. I have several I use on my porches and in the garden. i find them at TJ Max or Home Goods. Prices vary. I have found some for $19.99. They seem to show up in the spring. It is hard to find pairs, unless you go to several stores. i just love them and the way they look in the yard and on a porch or in a room. The best. good Luck. Richard from My Old Historic House.

  2. I love the first ones!!! And the blue as the background instead of the different. I had been searching for one for a while that was within my budget (one that my husband wouldn't freak out over price...he just doesn't understand--sigh!) But One Kings Lane usually has blue and white ones for around $95.00. I almost bought one, but then got super super lucky on the same site a month later, they had 2 different ones, round and square, blue and white for $45.00...Oh I snatched one up immediately. It's not exactly the pattern I would love, but I like it just the same and it works for now!! Good luck!!!

  3. Hi there Deb....I love the bold/last ones they're so unique. I don't have any but if I did those would be it. Nice seeing you about enjoy your weekend!


  4. Great comparisons dahhling... personaly I loved the first ones & I thought the price was very reasonable!

  5. I have several scattered about. One with a round glass on top I use as a low bedside table.

    Art by Karena

  6. Thanks for your article. I bought a blue pair of garden stools almost similar to the last ones from a friend whose aunt used to own an antique store in Bangkok, but since she was retiring and wanted to rid of her stock, she sold them really cheap to me. They have been useful and now I am happy to hear that they may be worth a bit!!

  7. I have one coming up for auction on 8/14/13. Am told it is the real deal, NOT a reproduction. Located in Wilmington MA. See pics @


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