Green Gardens

My small terrace will soon undergo a bit of a makeover--and I do mean "a bit", since there's not much of a budget to work with these days. I am inspired by these photos of a garden in Houston, Texas designed by Timothy Adcock. I love the formality and dense green foliage of this particular planting. The leafy overhang is coral vine and creeping fig covers the brick wall. Not sure if these plants would grow in New England, but they are beautiful. Asian jasmine grows at the bottom of an antique painted terra-cotta urn.
The terrace features a large sitting area perfect for dinners and parties, although the gas grill must be hidden! I especially like the chair in the foreground. Neatly trimmed boxwood in planters softens the brick and what appears to be slate pavers. This spot would be an oasis in any city.

More boxwood below with the addition of agapanthus blooms. Apparently, the creeping fig on the brick wall requires a trim every two weeks during summer. Hmmm. No hired help or gardeners here at Boxwood Terrace (never has been and never will be for that matter!). Nonetheless, these photos have provided inspiration for my outdoor space which will include plenty of foliage, zinc-style and wood planters, terra-cotta, purple and white blooms and of course....boxwood. And best of all, no gardener required.
All Photos Above by John M. Hall


  1. Gorgeously manicured garden.
    ENJOYED the pictorial display of your blog!
    Keep up the good work.


  2. Great pictures I agree with Robert Keep up the good's never too late to start to do what you love : )

  3. Very inspiring photos. I am a fan of vine covered walls and of course boxwood. So classic and timeless. Please show us pictures of you garden when it is finished.


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